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  1. What about bisexuals in relationships with women?

    That is why Im asking about bisexuals in general and their ability to spiritually grow ( if in relationship with a girl ). But so far none of the people that made those comments in 'men love' thread don't seem too eager to help me out here. This is of major importance to me and it's partially due to comments they made in that thread, but I guess they don't feel the need to help me with it. I guess I will have to practice for few more years and then they will become vocal about how all those years Ive put into practice where in vain I never met any transexual in real life, so I can't tell you about the energy. Perhaps pictures lie and what looks like a girl with penis, in real life actually doesn't...that would be a complete turn off. But if even in real life she would look like a girl with all the features of a hot woman + one extra detail ( soft skin, feminine face etc) then Id be turned on I guess
  2. What about bisexuals in relationships with women?

    hello I think you all missed my point. What I want to know is from those people arguing that gay men can’t make same spiritual growth, wether they were talking about gays in sexual relationships with other men, or gay men in general ( even those in celibacy ). If it is the latter, then are they sugesting that gay people are just somehow “wired” wrongly and that wrong wiring prevents them from making same spiritual progress as hetero men? Same question as above, only this time for bisexuals (or more precisely, about those into almost women and women, since I fall into this category) Whether I believe that to be true is another matter and not for this topic (but I do appreciate your positive feedbacks) I think anus plays very vital role in sexual tantra yoga and its stimulation is of much importance there and if you dismiss putting anything up the love hole, then you dismiss the whole sexual tantra practice
  3. hello

    hello I have to run and make a thread bye