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  1. Hi. I began practicing Mantak Chia's Multiorgasmic Man book techniques, they are quite good, I think, and now thanks to some advice by a couple of good users in here, I'm going to keep practicing but I'll go more slowly. I want to stop ejaculating for more time, but it seems to me that the best way to do that is without attempting neither Chia's exercises nor sex, nor simple masturbation. I've tried before simple sexual abstinence. The longer I've done has been 18 days aprox. You see, I got very scared because my libido was dissapearing almost completely. Sure, the first 10 days I was going crazy because of my sexual desire, but then I started to feel it was dissapearing! I got scared. I was afraid it'd dissapear and never come back so I masturbated frenetically that day, even when I didn't feel any desire to touch myself or have sex. So what happens with simple abstinence after some point? is it healthy? Have any of you tried it for extended periods of time? I want to be sure it is healthy.
  2. Hi, how are you, friends. Need some help with chi issue.

    Thank you for your answers. I got better after the second day and I actually felt amazing. Very active, lots of energy and a very good vibe! I think most of the excessive energy dissapeared through my feet. Also, that piece of advice by tao_gone_blue hit me like a bald of cold water: I have been doing that, thryoing to get the proper 'high' again by masturbating the whole day, and going to see ladyfriends to practice. I think it's getting quite improper and beside the point. That comment put things in perspective. Thank you, to both of you. I'll be around. I had lots of pending stuff I need to attend. Thanks, freinds.
  3. Hi, how are you, friends. Need some help with chi issue.

    Aaaah I feel very weird. My way of perceiving the world, my emotions, my libido... all feel kind of wacko!
  4. Hi. My name is James, or more accurately, that is the name I go by some places. I practice meditation (zazen), have practiced martial arts, and experimented heaviley witbh psychedelics as a way of attaining spiritual achievement. It was only recently that I was introduced to Taoist practices through Mantiak Chia's multiorgasmic Man book. I'm kind of scared of the effectiveness of this practices. In my second attempt I achieved a very intense orgasm, in my whole body wich lasted for maybe one minute by mastrubating. I felt great the whole day! So far so good, but yesterday I tried again, and well, I cpouldn't achieve orgasm (maybe very very little 'pelvic orgasms') and I felt as if energy was stuck! I ejaculated but I still felt too much heat and something stuck in mys testies area. (Why?) I did cold draw and big draw. The energy went up, but not all of it. It was very hard for me to sleep last night. I've ejaculated again, but I feel the energy disseminated trhpoug my whole body. I try to circulate it but sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes it dissappear from one placve and appears in my arms or legs. Then it gets stuck in my trhoat and I can't move it trhpough my spine. It feels like I have too much energy but can't get it out! Sorry if this is kind of inapropiate but the main reason for me to open this account was to ask to people who actually know what's going on for some advice. Nice to meet you!