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  1. Simple and clear thanks ChiDragon. And Robmix, cheers!
  2. Hi Apologies if its asked before but I am wondering if it is possible to increase pre-natal chi. I understand post-natal chi can be increased, especially through strengthening the spleen and stomach whose job it is to nourish the body. But I still don't understand pre-natal chi fully. The reason I ask is like many men here I overindulged in my youth, there were times where I stayed up all night and then next day and could literally FEEL my prenatal chi was being used to keep me going. This makes sense since a chigung master explained to me once that chikung can only slow down the rate of prenatal chi loss, not increase it. So my questions are 1. Is there a way I can tell if I have used all my prenatal chi up at age 31 already? 2. If I have used it all up, could I still build up the rest of my body, i.e postnatal and otherwise, so that I feel strong again or like a different person? I.e what are the positives from this horrible truth Rock on!
  3. Hi A, I am still getting pain, and feeling cold in my legs and feet and now pain in lower back, but apart from that, I am positive and can't complain! I do not know which thread should be pinned, but something which comprehensively addresses this problem that affects so many celibate men? I have read a lot of questions about this on the forum, but have yet to find a thread with many answers. Thanks Zeb
  4. Hello, I have searched the forums and been unable to find anything that helps. With my damage to the "pipes" and also damaged lower dantien from my previous uninformed sexual practices (duh). I am practicing good techniques now thanks to you guys. But what I want most is some inspiration and hope of other men who have somehow overcome their damage without surgery, links would be great. Also, I think this topic of damage and cultivation is important enough to be pinned, as the damage caused by wrong retention can be the most devastating, especially for men who already quite solitary and have little family or friends to fall back on for support. Inspiring just one man to keep going is enough Rock on Zeb
  5. Hi all, I want to ask whether it is safe to practice testicle massage and testicle breathing from Mantak Chias books, I have been told by some (including practitioners of the Healing Tao sytem), it is safe until I can open my MCO. Many thanks!

    "Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love" - Gandhi "The hardest thing to change is one's perception" - me!
  7. intro

    Hello my name is Zeb I am 26 and like chinese medicine, hiking, music, and... tea! I have joined to post some health questions, if its not much trouble, I will post them shortly. Thanks Zeb