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  1. Alrighty, will check the books you've recommended over at the amazon and buy one or two ( for starters ) thank you for your kind input cheers
  2. hiya I will read the stuff you recomended and then some; but I will not rush things and try to digest them all at once I think I typed in "mixing tao and yoga", but am not sure since I didn't find it. Perhaps the page was talking about mixing vipassana and yoga, since I found few pages on that ( memory is a funny thing ) I thank you all for your help, since you did help me figure out how to begin thank you cheers
  3. I'm new to tao

    hiya I'm new. Reason I registered here is cos I'd like to start with Tao, but need some serious advice first. short and sweet cheers EDIT - uh, did I just write Toa instead of tao?!