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  1. Hello, I noticed you replied recently so was hoping to catch you. It's Chris, right? So, I have the Bliss book & practiced for a week. I felt a stable 'certainty' type of energy when I was around potentially stressful situations. I work with mentally/emotionally disabled adults and this practice seemed to boost my psychic self defense/energy in a more 'certain' way than just my yoga, which has left me maybe too open at times. So it was going well. My problem is with the right arm up position. I have a chronic neck/scapula/ shoulder issue that was agravated by the right arm up position. At the end of the week practicing level 1 the tension was back & I had to trade in the practice for my yoga as pushing through pain is a very bad thing for myself, anyone for that matter. Could you advise? Would left arm up/ right arm down work? I'd really like to continue to see this practice into fruition. Also, is there a chance a workshop will ever be held in Canada? I e-mailed this practice question to Kunlunbliss contact but was unsure if I would hear back. Thanx for any tip you can give. In return I'd be willing to post a testimonial on the site if I was able to continue my practice. Thank you, Ed
  2. hello

    Hello all, I've been practicing Kun lun for a week and needed to ask a question. Thanx, Ed