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  1. Who are the top people out there?

    Yeah right like I can make him do anything, lol. If you were to talk to him he answers in some strange language that is gibberish. But when he makes eye contact with you you are in rigpa immediately. Samsaric mind neutralized, karmic winds exhausted. I've only seen the mandala once but he repeats it every day at the same location. In front of the train station pointing to a large clock and inside a big shopping mall also pointing to a clock. He starts moving like a praying rabbi then makes strange movements with his hand pointing above him. Obviously others can't see the mandala but little children do see something as I've seen them looking transfixed without blinking at the space he is pointing at. I watch him do it every day but I've only seen the living mandala once. Always has an umbrella with him even in summer. Looks like a bum but wears expensive nikes and his clothes are clean so someone is taking care of him. Probably hasn't shaven or cut his hair in 10 years. His 2 fingers are black from smoking. So yeah good luck contacting him. He sometimes appears in a lucid dream and I can understand him but he doesn't communicate with words in real life only gestures, symbols and mandalas if you happen to be perceptive to it. But I've seen the foot prints where he was standing once and these can be observed by all. Possibly a true enlightened being but I won't make a tourist attraction out of it where people come and stalk the man. I have no idea what he's doing or why but I am completely fascinated by the whole thing. Isn't wim hof btw if that wasn't clear.
  2. Who are the top people out there?

    David Verdesi and Robert Peng, both have the electric qi. Wang Liping but to get the most out of him you'd have to get 10-15 years one on one training somewhere in a cave or mountain. The public seminar stuff won't make you immortal or enlightened. Truth is he hasn't found a real transmitter yet and is hoping to find one through public seminars. So go see him you might be the lucky one. And there is a high level dzogchen master in Holland who can leave hand- and footprints in pavement. I'll see if I can post pics or the video of him doing it. Quite a crazy dude. I've seen him manifest a 3d living mandala in front of him. Obviously something completely different from the guru bullshit non-sense of Norbu and other self-appointed masters of awareness.
  3. Riding the Ox

  4. Are you proud of your nationality?

    I am only proud of my internal power. The rest is all bullshit.
  5. PORN is extremely beneficial for spiritual practice especially vajrayana where you integrate energy and bliss into non-dual awareness. Not only that but it allows you to become familiar with the rebirth process coming out of the bardo when your mind is attracted to a mating couple, your future parents. If you have become familiar with porn you can suddenly awaken to your true nature just before you are about to re-enter the human realm next time and achieve buddhahood in that very moment thus liberating your mind-stream.
  6. Distraction = enemy #1 Then the samsaric mind takes over. Especially now people are more deluded than ever. It's seriously getting out of control. Tip do your meditation first thing in the morning. It will neutralize the samsaric conditioning and you will be more mindful throughout the day. As to why so few achieve REAL results? You don't have the resources read money for real training. You need total isolation. To minimize contact with almost everyone especially family. You need the real deal. Techniques, methods, energetic transmission from ancient times. You need to figure out the diet stuff. What is least harmful to eat? Most things you eat cause inflammation in the body. Can you live without food? Have you tried? Google Genesis Sunfire. You need someone who monitors your progress. And no it can't be a clown, has to be a real immortal. You will fuck up without guidance. Hell you can't even be celibate for 4 months by yourself. How the hell you going to handle the stuff at higher levels? My advice pray for guidance with all your heart.
  7. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    Actually there are westerners who have advanced well beyond level 4 just not within the racist mopai. Have patience people the thunderpath lineage is about to flourish in the west. The groundwork needs to be in place for such things to work correctly. But that's not the most exciting news behind the scenes. There have been certain individuals here in the west making progress within the dzogchen tradition and exhibiting signs not seen for almost a thousand years. None of that rainbow body crap at death but actual abilities like Guru Rinpoche. There is a reason why these teachings are coming to the west. The east is about to become the new west and vice versa. And we all know how peaceful it has been here for the last 2000 years. All is not what it appears to be. Anyway that's all I can say for now. Do you meditations and don't stop believing.
  8. Whole families and thousands of others in Tibet are being refused to grocery stores, ostracized from the community and are being treated like jews during second world war due to stupid remarks spoken by your "boddhisatva". If the chinese hadn't invaded Tibet that fool would have destroyed the nation completely with his ignorance. It has nothing to do with not being able to light papers on fire. Saying stupid things is enough to give away you're a deluded fool.
  9. He's just parroting what he's been taught, it's not real wisdom. True he knows a lot but has pretty much zero accomplishment. He's like a bad actor really or a clown. There is an unmistaken realness to true spiritual achievement that's impossible to fake. He is only respected because he's been born into entitlement. Other than that he's NOTHING.
  10. DL is NOT a highly realized master. More like a comedian and comedians don't find other comedians funny.
  11. Should Teachers Charge $$ For Teaching?

    If a real master* asks you for money he is trying to fool you because you're a fool. If he is honestly wanting money for his services he is not a real master. As real teachers are kind of rare these days it's better to take every experience as a teacher. That way you get the teaching BUT YOU DON'T PAY A DIME. You become enlightened without becoming homeless. *good luck finding one)
  12. A Troubled Mind

    What you experience is actually a fundamental problem we all go through. We feel empty and search for meaning in the outside world going from one shiny object to the other. But it doesn't seem to make us any happier even though we start accomplishing greater things. In fact we grow more disillusioned with each achievement and already we are eyeballing a new challenge. Then we arrive in that place where we realize this and don't feel like doing anything anymore. Or we get there because of an intuitive understanding without having to go through the search-achievement-search error. The solution is to realize mind's true nature before we grow old, tired and exhausted. How everyone arrives at this point is different for each of us. The very fact that you made this post indicates that you are searching for a solution on the outside thinking it is found there. It is not. Turn inside and be present. Then you discover that the outside is really the inside and if you persist even that disappears. When this happens you no longer search for happiness on the outside but simply live you life and give your gift to the world. And in this giving is found true happiness.
  13. A Troubled Mind

    For motivation to arise you have to be deluded. Kind of hard to fool yourself when you know better. Your mind tries to trick you with all these stories. Intellect is a curse really. That voice inside is not your ally. Better to listen to dao and rest in the unconditioned.
  14. Is there a Purpose in Nature?

    Yes there seems to be a purpose to existence. I see physical reality as dao branching out and trying to perfect itself. The whole of existence is working towards this purpose. We as humans are used for dao's grand evolution towards perfection. For this the carrot on a stick principle is at work. Ordinary humans are not supposed to find this out as it is a threat to the whole super-organism that we are part of. So when you practice techniques for immortality and enlightenment you are doing something that goes against the dao. If it was dao's intention ordinary humans would already be born with supernatural powers and physical immortality. But this is not the case. The prototype named human is far from perfect and at some point new type of being will come into existence possessing powers and intelligence we can't even fathom. This being will be made up from the collected wisdom of all homo-sapiens' experience since the first one appeared on this planet. After a person dies via its shen an energetic data imprint is transmitted into dao's grand super mind/intelligence/heart matrix updating its info/data/wisdom. That's how the dao learns. It is not all knowing and perfect but is constantly evolving, updating, upgrading. Therefore what the ancients were doing is hacking into the dao or riding the wave back. Power is not supposed to be concentrated in such large amounts as for example in Wang Liping or Padmasambhava. It's just that they were transmitted teachings that showed them a way to hack into the heart of reality. It's comforting to know that increase in power usually goes hand in hand with an increase in spontaneous virtue. Otherwise who knows what could happen if a very evil being got hold of this power. But at some point it is inevitable. That's why the teachings are guarded and transmitted mostly to those of high spontaneous non-intentional virtue. Real masters know who is in front of them. You are naked like a book. Simply observe the development of our present western civilization and you will see an exact replica of what the dao is doing on a grand scale. Everyone can have justice now. Try pulling that shit off in medieval europe. You can talk to people in an instant on the other side of the planet. Could you do this in the stone age?? Why do you think there exist billions of galaxies with billions of stars? Think about it. Is there a part of your body that is obsolete? By the time we as humans evolve possessing immortality is also the time we will have developed technology to travel, spread and colonize the rest of the galaxy which will somehow have evolved into possessing everything that type of human needs to survive and thrive. Maybe we will look different but one thing is for sure. We will have greater capacity for virtue, greater intelligence and ingenuity but also a greater capacity to do evil. It's the yin & yang aspect of the dao always working towards balance and harmony. All this talk about ordinary life being purposeless is BS but you might want to think about the consequences of walking the spiritual path aka messing with the very mechanisms of the matrix of reality.