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    Namaste! My Name is Andy and I am from Vienna, Austria. I am 22 years old and I am very much interested in Taoist philosophy, Martial Arts, TCM, Ayurveda, Qi-Gong and and and I practice Tee Kuo Siauw Lim Kung Fu which is a Kung Fu style from the southern shaolin temple. I also learn Baguazhang from a chinese master. Through Bagua I learned most of the Taoist thoughts which made me think that it fits the best into my life and my way. In the near future I plan to learn northern shaolin kung fu, Hsing-I-Quan and Taji. I also practice Qi-Gong 2 times a day. I learn it from a teacher in my kung-fu school who attends courses of Sifu Wong very often. I really hope I can find other people here to talk about life, death and other interesting things I wish you a nice day! With Love, Andy