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  1. Theory of Everything

    Yin and Yang are useful but inaccurate expressions of a duality--handy but limited. The actual term is Yinyang, and it is a unity without separation--essential for understanding.
  2. BIG SMILE. I recognize you now. But just look back at your cryptic comment and see if you could have recognized it. I appreciate your assessment too. I didn't start out with the idea of a monologue, it just turned out that way. My interpretations of the Tao are not exactly conventional or traditional, but they do seem to get readers. Based on past experiences, the print book sold well, but I got a sense that a number of people who agreed with the sentiment were reluctant to make the agreement public, and some who disagreed were also hesitant??. Don't know if that's the case here or not. Maybe your comments will start a trend. I'd like to see that. In my view, the conventional ideas of wu-wei are overbalanced in favor of blah. Would be pleased to have you join in with your agreements, disagreements and elaborations, Stosh.
  3. While I'm not at all clear about the purpose of your comment, let me reassure you that I invariably balance each in-breath with an exhalation. And I recognize as well that balance is required between conventional interpretation and openness to creative imagination. How about you, Stosh?
  4. HERE'S NEWS! Stanley Herman's novel, 'Then I Invented the World' will be available FREE in Amazon's Kindle edition on JUNE 13 and 14, at: Below is a bit about the book, there's a sample available too on Amazon. I've also written a previous book titled 'The Tao at Work--on Leading and Following', and a number of excerpts from that have appeared on this site. I think those who appreciate the kind of broad and non-traditional perspectives of Taoism will find this novel both wise and enjoyable. Thanks for giving it a try. Reviews “Then I Created the World is an imaginative and iconoclastic novel that unfolds like a play.” “…this was a fast and wonderful read and the plot and characters made it impossible not to devour each page as fast as I could!” “…exciting...a page-turner, and funny as hell (sorry). And a refreshingly original look at the whole Good and Evil thing.” “God is very much alive in this lively discourse in which the author pulls off the difficult trick of walking a tightrope between comedy and cosmology, using each to balance the other. A terrific reading experience.” “The author has a knack for 'divine comedy' which explores some of the big questions of Life. Reading the book reminded me of the ancient Greek dialogs put in modern and easy to read form.” Product Description While fanatical extremists plot a masterstroke of terror, God is preoccupied with the members of an online Faith and Filosophies forum—giving vent to his long simmering issues with humanity. The world at peril, its best hope for survival is Legion, a cloned product of illegal Germline engineering, and perhaps God’s next prophet, unless he becomes Lucifer’s King of the World. Heaven is near rebellion—divided by internal dissension as its greatest general, the archangel Michael, and his colleague the archangel Uriel, secretly plan a preemptive strike against Lucifer’s and his demons. Author Stanley Herman has assembled a rich, diverse cast of characters from the three realms—earth, heaven, and hell. Lucifer is the slick yet sensitive leader of a bunch of misfit demons, in a hell that is crumbling from neglect. His divine foes are the vengeful archangels, Michael and Uriel. Legion is the reclusive weapons manufacturer, who is reluctantly forced to choose between God and the devil, and is tempted by the irresistible Lilith—men go to bed early just so they can have bad dreams of her. And there is God, if that is who he really is, who is going to decide whether or not to just ditch this whole humanity thing and spend his time elsewhere. A startlingly credible “what-if” story that is as funny as it is thrilling. “This is a fun, meaningful and wise book. The conversations are funny and complex. There are moments for deep reflection along with hilarious interactions that leave one satisfied and deepened.” Father Willy Crespo For illustrations, and to learn more about the novel and the characters of the three realms, visit the Facebook page for Then I Invented the World, (A Cosmic Comedy) at!/pages/Then-I-Invented-the-World-Images/316384941769226
  5. [As one reader said, "This is a novel novel." If you like fun-flavored wisdom literature, give this a try.
  6. Awareness vs. Consciousness

    Well said and pretty well taken. Remember I did say it was fun.
  7. Awareness vs. Consciousness

    As is obvious to this consciousness, at least: All of the above are WORDS. One question leads to another. And so, one must choose whether one most wants to "discuss", or to proceed. Not to say discussion isn't fun, but it's limited in effect.
  8. Awareness vs. Consciousness

  9. After a lengthy absence, partially spent preparing my new book for publication, I'm back. Tell you about the new book later. 20. The case is often made that contemporary issues are highly complex and one must not oversimplify them. But often too issues are made to seem more complex than they are. By sleight of hand and mind many in our society acquire prestige and grow wealthy perpetuating complexity. I, however, am the son of a truck-driver, and were I not otherwise engaged I might now be driving too. When I hear complex explanations I am not convinced, unless I am convinced, and I am convinced only by the simple. People say, 'how naive, how illogical'. But I continue, out of tune with this popular chorus, direct in words and deeds, not an insider or an old-boy, still only an apprentice learning the truck driver's trade. The apprentice's lessons I am learning: To forsake my high dramas and the inner-head soliloquies that animate them, to reduce immense, broad issues to smaller, narrower ones. To make choices rather than decisions and watch the pattern of these choices point my new directions. I have allowed my cleared vision to reveal new possibilities that have changed my old questions or dissolved them. And I have found the part of me that knows full well that all will be well whichever choice I make.
  10. [TTC Study] Chapter 16 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Yes it is. Thanks much stan
  11. [TTC Study] Chapter 16 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Hope this interruption is not too disruptive Marblehead. I haven't been available for several months and now I find I'm unable to access a topic of mine, "Tao Now" that had a long run, but apparently isn't within the scope of available old postings. I've tried search but it doesn't work. Can you (or anyone) suggest how to access it?
  12. Easy Zen for Everyone

    Responses 1) It would be better to say "clear the mind of all thought and wait". 2) That may be a risk, but such a state is recognizable and correctable. 3) Not a real problem. Each of the options is appropriate in its time and place.
  13. Easy Zen for Everyone