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  1. Wang Liping Seminar Complaints

    HI EVERYONE Usually I donnot post in this forum. I am posting here just to protest against the complain . The way the complain was written its not true. The persons who organized the seminar were very nice. They tried more than their best to explain, demonstrate. Although Its true that I came in the seminar with an impression that we would be learning meditation of golden flower and exactly those stuffs that was posted but I am happy that I l learned lot of new stuffs which I never knew before. Kathy is really nice and she took care of everyone very nicely. The greatest part is I get the great opportunity to communicate with Master Wang thats I am most happy about. I really donnot care what was not taught actually. Thank you Kathy for being so nice with everyone and giving us the great opportunity to communicate with Master Wang.I am looking forward to attend the next seminars. Thanks to everyone.
  2. Hello to everyone from USA

    Hi Everybody, I have just registered, though I visited this forum from long time. I live in USA. I have experienced various kinds of meditations for many years. Its a great forum. I joined this forum to learn many interesting stuffs and to communicate with other members. I am interested to attend various kinds of courses. I will highly appreciate if you can be give me information about upcoming interesting courses. Thanks to all. Regards