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    Money is the cause for a lot of evil. But untill a majority of us all decides it is time to slowly take it into another direction, like fair trade and so on, it's not one of the easyest things that anyone could by themselves do.
  2. Any good tips for clearing all the "energy" channels of the body? Apparently the more powerful and clear they are the better. Also, if there are any thing from nature, like herbs or other things, that help with this i would be thankful to know that also.
  3. Itzhak Bentov

  4. According to Dan Winter, there are shamans who are trained and able to steer and dissolve tornadoes, and i thought this would make a nice topic. 'The local Mayan shaman get's a test one day, when given the task to go out from the local village and save it from an approaching tornado. He follows his shaman teacher's instructions carefully and images inside his heart a picture of the FEELINGS of the TORNADO being magnetically sucked into his belly. His teacher called this 'Eating the HOOCHA' (eating the ANGER - Sentic wave for anger =1/7 which is all unshareable or destructively interfering waves) of the Tornado. At some point by feeling magnetically for the feelings of the tornado better than it was able to feel for itself, the tornado 'falls in love' with the shaman - who succeeded in wave embedding himself into the center of gravity of the tornado. By making a little picture inside his heart, which is SELF SIMILAR (or FRACTAL) to the bigger picture of the SHAPE OF MAGNETISM (literally the FEELINGS) of the Tornado - the result was - the OUTSIDE FELL IN. (Mathematicians call this operation of perfect inrushing compression: perfect fractality - perfect inward self-similarity - like zooming infinitely into a fractal or fern tree inside fern tree.). If your were a plumber observing these wave vortex operations of the student shaman, at that point you would have observed the big twister begin to follow the young shaman around like a favorite little pet puppy dog. " http://www.goldenmean.info/dowsing/ http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/implosion_grandattractor.pdf Sounds plausible / doable to anyone? I think so. And it sounds very interesting and good, also.
  5. The Cool Picture Thread

    Guess what THIS is! ..... ;-)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d5Uu641y7k
  7. Alternative High Cholesterol Remedies?

    Sounds like a good salad dressing also. :-)
  8. Alternative High Cholesterol Remedies?

    "will help to increase levels of LDL and decrease HDL" I think you probably mean that the other way around: Increase HDL and VHDL and decrease LDL and VLDL. The idea is to get more healthy and not more sick, right? :-)
  9. 6th and 7th sense theory (law)

    "there have been reports of people with four or more types of cones, giving them tetrachromatic vision." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cone_cell I can see energy coming off people, probably infrared and ultraviolet too. And i can feel their energy and state of being if i want, too. (Sometimes also spontaniously, but it does not bother me. I think it's a nice and useful experience. And also one that will probably progress into more also.)
  10. Effectiveness of Mudras

    I'm thinking that spontanious mudras can probably also be very pleasent. (Contrary to horror stories that you can find anywhere and almost nowhere where you can find positive experiences. Which is extremely weird in my opinion because it shouold all be good and not bad. It;s probably to do with the trapped and negatively hypnotized mind only that people "look for those" "kind of experiences" ????
  11. Anyone have experience with energising water? I hear it is very good for the pineal gland especially, but also for every cell in one's body. Just looking to gather ideas that could be helpful to try.
  12. Astragalus, headache to cold

    I downloaded an episode of "Bizarre foods", this episode was from Korea. Andrew Zimmern went to a sort of TCM restaurant where he had a tea that cleared the sinusses immediately. Anyone know which herb this could be, specifically?
  13. How to cultivate more YANG enegry?

    Just a thought: Can you also do all bones at once? Would be faster that way. :-) I think it could work just as well. Probably easyer for someone who has tried these sort of things before with success though. :-) Also, there will probably be a process taking place to change the structure of your bones over time? Like: More chi in them and maybe less "coarse stuff"? Anyone who can confirm this maybe?