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  1. Mind

    I'm pretty sure it's not 'enlightenment', although maybe it could be called a realization .. but the cessation of thoughts seems to be a valuable hurdle to cross. They come back of course, but not entirely like before. Maybe it could be said .. that the timeless still silence becomes more 'noticed', and the thought streams, less 'clung to'. No matter what you think .. what you know .. what you think you know ... all of it .. could be nothing more than your mind playing tricks on you. How would you know? Who's in charge of you? Who calls the shots? You? Who are you (really)?
  2. Mind

    still mind is often described as the cessation of thoughts, but I suspect that description is incomplete/inadequate; as is describing mind as thoughts only. thoughts are neither good or bad, but becoming attached (and perhaps believing them) can many times be problematic for the one caught in their web
  3. Tip on how to do enquiry

    words which come to mind ... curiosity, sincerity, honesty, earnestness, intuition, discernment ,,, looking within but ... who is curious, who is sincere, who is honest, who is earnest, who intuits, who discerns ??? an unrelenting, thorough examination of all thoughts and sensations may likely be helpful .... are thoughts true?
  4. Tip on how to do enquiry

    seems like most inquiry is just people 'thinking 'bout stuff', ie. constantly changing nonsense the apple falls when its ripe, only God ripens apples, impatient watchers surely don't
  5. Mind

    nice ... not sure about "taught" though, which seems to imply an addition of knowledge perhaps it is more like of an undoing, a falling away, of ignorance
  6. Mind

    What is mind? What is still mind? Are there seven billion unique minds, or one mind with seven billion different perspectives? although, perhaps it could be said, that asking mind to describe itself is an absurd proposition. Pointing to a flag waving in a monastery, the monk says, โ€œWhat is moving, the flag or the wind?โ€ The answer is neither; the mind is moving.
  7. Disinformation campaign

    Sorry, I'm not really up to speed on this ... Is there some kind of feud between Buddhists and Daoists here? If so, what's the beef? If you find some words which point you towards the Truth, what difference does it make what school you ascribe to?
  8. Yeah, I don't have a million bucks either, its just a silly saying. I'm not a wanna-be anything (except longing for Truth). The Tao Te Ching is magnificent prose, as is the Ashtavakra Gita, I Am That, and many other written signposts from the masters. I won't bother you again. Best of luck figuring it out.
  9. Not to beat a dead horse, cuz you've obviously made up your mind on this, but ... THERE IS NO FREE WILL!!! You're looking at things from the perspective of your self (small s). The self is the grand illusion, ruled by the master deceiver - ego. Breaking free from those chains of deception is what enlightenment is. I know, I know, I (wynn) am not enlightened, so what the hell do I know (valid point). But I'd bet you a million dollars I'm right. No way to prove it though (for either of us). OK, first one to enlightenment wins. lol
  10. Information Wars

    "Spirituality" on one hand, "the world" on another. It is an intensely curious paradox. In my gut I know this little world of ours is an illusion, and I would be wise to abandon all fears and desires; bu bu but ... that surrendering everything seems almost impossible. It also seems the simplest thing imaginable. I'm living a curious existence, in one breath I'm residing in the Tao, in the next I'm looking at the Dow. Primarily a financial blog, but also current events, politics and alternative media. www.zerohedge.com By the way - it looks like economies and governments are on the brink of collapse. Buckle up. Or better yet, surrender.
  11. Ruthless Truth

    I frequent another spirituality forum, and several months ago some avatar named stepvhen arrived, also from the Ruthless Truth camp, with his "You're not here" mantra. I researched that site a little bit, turns out they were issued orders by some other chap to invade any spirituality site they could find. Seemed more like a cult to me. Epiphanies are nice, I suppose, assuming you intuited them correctly. Not much point trying to include others though, as each person must find them on their own.
  12. You are residing in the false realm of self. It is fleeting, and has no substance. But you are correct, I have not yet Realized my true nature. It is nice to tell each other stories, but the Path, we all must walk alone. Be well
  13. @ Marblehead What exactly can your free will change? Can anything you do improve upon the Real? Form doesn't exist. You don't exist. I know you think you do; good luck realizing you don't. @ tulku The All is not changing or evolving. It is the formless, timeless, Reality. Form is illusion. I know its difficult to see that, hence the struggle in seeking Understanding. Thinking will not get you there, thoughts are form too. Never give up. Intuition and reason will guide you.
  14. There is no free will. No destiny. The All is complete, perfect, unchangeable. Your ego, on the other hand ... not so much.
  15. Oxymorons don't hinder Awakening. Selfishness does.