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  1. Finally we meet

    Hello, I've read this forum now and then. My energy views seem close to or compatible with the Taoist ones. I would possibly like to study Taoist energy science in a systematic way. My primary interest is healing. I'm excited to meet and chat with some of you here.
  2. Finally we meet

    Thanks! And your website is interesting. Non-invasive methods for health problems are always good to hear about.
  3. Life, Chi and Potassium Iodide

    I felt a 360-degree dental xray once and got ill from it. It felt like very fine threads, you might say, going through my face. What I mostly remember was that right away, I felt slightly disoriented or like it was a little harder to think straight - brain symptoms are what I had. I remember feeling some kind of 'off' for at least a few days. So I took antioxidants and detox things to attempt to get myself back to normal. I'm not 100% sure of what happened. For all I know, I was feeling the subtle DNA damage from the xrays and not the xrays themselves. I attribute this happening to my extreme sensitivity to energy (as well as substances), which my Reiki practice has probably accentuated. There was no explaining my energetic sensitivity to the doctor, just that I got ill. Of course, he didn't believe me, and I have not yet found enough information to argue my case. I have not felt any other xray since, but I think it was the location of my head that was more sensitive. I'm left to wonder how susceptible I will be to the radiation now. I wish there was a way to transform it. I read about hormesis, but I think they are referring to small doses. After reading what joeblast said here, I still wonder if it's possible to feel radiation (or it's effects) on a particle basis if certain particles caused inflammation right away. How many particles would it take? If they say it's impossible to feel xrays, and I felt xrays, then where do we draw the line? Still, that's not my primary concern (until it happens :/ ); my primary concern is the gradual sickness triggered by radiation, which could come early in a sensitive person like myself.