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  1. Movement

    Hi: New to this so I am hoping someone will have a answer. In CKFP there is alot about the breathing I was not sure of but this forum has helped me with that.After the first3 breaths you do the proportion breathing then do the meditation. Durning the meditation when the breath is normal and you are trying to do the movement slowly, do you have a amount of breath to movement? or can you take as many breaths as you want?. I am working on vol 1&2 of CKFP. Thanks
  2. Saying Hi

    HI to all: My name is Dan and I have study different martial arts for many years. Mostly Korean or Japenese.The last I studied was Aikido for about 12 years mixed in with some Tai Chi at a local collage. Due to health I had to stop the arts. Now after 5 years I am trying to get back into the arts.I am attempting to learn Chi Kung because it doesn't require very physical abilites. One of my favorite parts of Aikido was the Ki development and that appears to be the center of Chi Kung.
  3. Hi New to this internet stuff. Study Aikido for 12 years and was side lined by an accident. Looking for a new art as combative ones are no longer possible.Chi kung seems to be close to what the KI was in Aikido so thats why I am looking here. To try and learn.