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  1. Mopai Training with jim mcmillan

    forgive me, i guess because I got the email from this forum and I didn't mention training methods I thought it was ok, but now that you mention it, it was a little thoughtless, humble apologies, i have asked mod to remove thread, VP.
  2. Michael Winn's Response To Sean Denty On Ht

    any update on this topic? I notice having read through the entire thread that Sean D has edited some post 4 odd years later
  3. Empty Force

    thxs for the responses so far, don't be afraid to feed the pig
  4. Amazing video - Guo Shifu

    dvd's do provided a pathway to get too more advanced practices later on and generate interest to westerners in general, so I think they are important and am grateful for those who bother to put the teaching out there for us
  5. Empty Force

    Hi fellow taobums I been studying and practice qigong going on seven odd years now, i read a book years back on empty force by Paul Dong, not really a great book, but interesting nonetheless on developing empty force, that is to project energy from the body to stop an opponent, heal etc. Was wondering if any of you more advanced bums had any experience with this kind of training and could give me any advice on training techniques and length of practice? Any input is welcome, yours humbly, The virtuous Pig
  6. Question about Healing Sounds

    I've been doing the healing sounds for about 4 years now; intially I only did about three of each sound; now I do about six; sometimes more if the organ is particulary blocked (usually my liver or lungs). It is a foundation exercise and one of the best; It gets better and better the more you practise; the best time is before bed; you sleep so much better. M Chia didn't invent the sounds they were created by daoist thousands of years ago and are still as useful and wonderful today
  7. stuff i thought i knew

    Hi; have just joined and am please to be a part of this taoist forum; I agree on the inner smile; I blew it off intially as a 'basic' technique that I would rush through to get to the more 'advanced' techniques. I have been following and practices MC's system for about 4 years now after having three year with another master; I don't even care about immortality and 'powers' anymore; these just seem to like egoic empowerment. The inner smile is so amazing; and its scope seems endless; being virtuous is my goal; i was such a selfish person before I started the path of the tao ... I am grateful to be a part of it
  8. The pig has landed

    greetings fellow taohards; I came across this website out of interest on mantak chia threads; i have been following UHT for a number of years and found it has helped me heal a lot from severe intestinal traumas I have suffered through my twenties. I was shocked to find out that some people consider him a fraud; I don't know the full story of him; but have followed a lot of his teachings and have made a lot of healing progress; i'm not closed minded into learning about the dark side of UHT; but I am grafeful to the man who helped me heal; when doctors could do nothing; cheers; Vpig. if anyone would be so kind to steer me in write direction of threads I should read plz let me know.