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  1. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    its cool. i have an idea lets invite lucas to the forum and have him defend against the claims. This way we would know for sure. (might be a bad idea but it would take the guess work out)
  2. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    im not lucas. stop assuming this is how this whole mess started lucas is lucas. his pic and address is on the blog use that info to find him. then look for him using his email address, his paypal info and so on. if you just keep shooting hes lucas! then you are really no closer to finding the actual lucas then you were 5 seconds ago because now you have to prove that he is lucas. It would be smarter to contact the real lucas and then let him hang himself (i mean incriminate himself) and if he wont speak to you then have a friend speak to him to get more evidence out of him.
  3. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    ah im not finished yet there seems to be some negative energy on this forum as of late let me heal and remove that. Ya know there's a divinity to taoism most seekers just seek the power of the tao but they never really seek it for the righteousness of the tao. EG spoke alot about that and he ended up getting banned but ill reiterate something he said "strive for heaven with the uptmost sincerity of the heart"
  4. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Siddha confimed. mpg a taoist has no need for magic. I did this to prove a point to you that once you reach a certain level no magic can harm you for the dao is beyond it. A taoist master has mastered the path to the supreme ultimate. Just pray and train theres a lot to strengthening, purifying, and remove blockages from your energy.
  5. Mozi Neidan Scam

    im done with this. your being influenced by something and your not even aware of it. in time you will see what im talking about and im never wrong about these things. - pray.
  6. Mozi Neidan Scam

    im sure you do that alot especially when you tried getting the book.
  7. Mozi Neidan Scam

    oi... makes me wonder about you? but ya know wonders never cease. but hold on im going to make crazy theoires about people then when im asked to prove my point i wont... thats called not being a troller! like seriously what are you so about? i just asked him to prove the fact that eg scammed him.... sorry man didnt mean to make you so mad.
  8. Mozi Neidan Scam

    There you go people he offered no proof of wrong doing instead he offered "spite" to make up for his inability to prove his claim. But i think hes right he made this thread out of anger and spite not facts. I say this because this all he posted. he deviated from his own post topic to cover up the fact that he did this to vent his anger. people like this will never learn that 2 wrongs dont make a right and its not right to use someone else's website to vent your anger. over the fact that despite numerous attempts to get a book that he still couldnt get it. btw did we ever figure out if lucas really did have the book or not?- thats what im talking about clarity not angry ranting. So hes not going to buy the book because he thinks its fake but i think it would be smarter if he did because this way he could translate it then ya know prove that its a fake (see a pattern?). i dunno but i always thought that if you say that someone scammed you then you would have to ya know prove your claim. Lets meditate on that.
  9. Mozi Neidan Scam

    THEN BUY THE BOOK FROM LUCAS IN FULL! oh wait he turned you down right i wonder why?....
  10. Mozi Neidan Scam

    yeah your doing it out of spite all right just keep tell your self that. It couldnt be that your lying and have no facts or that the only facts that exist actually prove you wrong but sure lets pick the "spite" Im not the 1 crying over such little money. I mean if you had like a real job you could just buy the book straight out right and wouldnt be outraged by such little money right? i have a suggestion for you STOP LYING ABOUT PEOPLE AND MAKING INSANE THEORIES TO BACKUP YOUR INABILITY!
  11. Mozi Neidan Scam

    how did i know that you wouldnt answer the questions and you wouldnt post your pm correspondence with him about the book your just proving my point. and i thank you for that. i mean if you had the facts that eg scammed you would post it right? i mean your just so motivated out of like the goodness of your heart. You wouldnt be posting this to deflect from the fact that you lied could it?........ naw your motivations are truly good.
  12. Mozi Neidan Scam

    i know how solve this post your whole email correspondance with eg about the book unedited then let the forum decide if he was really trying to scam you like you said should be no problem if everything your saying was true right>
  13. Mozi Neidan Scam

    thats it keep dancing around those questions! Just answer me this did eg tell you to cancel the money order?
  14. Mozi Neidan Scam

    if eg didnt take your money but you called him a scammer anyways then wouldnt that be lying? i dunno i mean if you lied about that then why wouldnnt you lie about anything else- im just saying?