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  1. Sexuality and Taoism

    Sage advice, thank you kindly for your response. I believe you are correct with relation to there being more to sexuality than genital stimulation. Perhaps I am locked into that view. I feel maybe I am psychologically cognizant of what you are saying, but because I have been "trained" by society to view sexuality as an emotional connection, I am unsure how to. I would very much like to learn any practices there may be to deeper explore sexual intimacy beyond intercourse. If you have any further concepts I would be eager to listen Thank you for your posting. I enjoyed the comparison of non-attachment vs. detachment. How would you say this applies to physical intimacy? Are you implying that one should view the sexual pleasure as something one takes in at a spontaneous moment, and that we should not be focusing on it during the day or otherwise when the other partner involved is not present?
  2. Sexuality and Taoism

    Hello All I am wondering what the taoist practice is generally for sexuality. I have staved off sexuality so much mentally, that i've caused problems in my social life (I think). Even when I am in a relationship with an attractive woman, I can't always seem to find a way to become interested in sexuality. I find it more productive to do something else... which is odd I guess what I would need in order to rekindle my sexual energy, is to feel that sexuality is accepted and encouraged through taoist practice. Is there anything anyone can share on this subject? I know the question/comment is a bit odd... but I really would like to break the mental confusion I have about sexuality and whether it should be fully embraced or denied. I guess i'm too black and white in my mentally which I am slowly changing.
  3. Question About Taoism Vs. Buddhism

    I didn't really quite understand what was being said about Buddhism... could someone clarify those last two posts? I see what you are saying, but where can the dogma be found in Taoism? And glad you found that book, it's great isn't it?
  4. Coincidence

    I would have to concur with the first response to your post which indicated something along the lines of life being what you make of it. So i'd say there's a good chance that the various occuring events in your life may be fate-related (the girl approaching you), but causality will affect the outcome of what happens next. It's like being given a fork in the road. You either choose to strike a conversation with this woman and maybe she becomes your future wife, or you choose to ignore the opportunity and go on eating your fast food. I can't possibly believe in "fate" or "destiny" as an ultimate truth, because in doing so I would be accepting that my entire life is predetermined in its sequence, and so there is no point for all beings to live. Without choice what are we? Pawns? Why would such a complex being as those born of humanity exist only to exist? It is like playing a video game where you cannot actually move the character; merely watch him/her fail or succeed. Lame
  5. Years ago I discovered a book on Tao called "365 Tao" written by Deng-Ming Dao. I began to read many of his other works (I think i've covered them all by now), and "365 Tao" became a sort of "Bible" to me in a strictly comparative sense. What I really liked and appreciated about Taoism was that it sought the truth. It didn't simply accept some sort of answer or belief as the only possible one. It didn't preach about how one should commune with God(s) and pray or worship an unseen being. It didn't really "preach" anything at all to be honest. It merely spoke truth about life and volumes about the realities of the hardships of life and how one could go about dealing with them. I was very impressed. I began reading about Buddhism and noticed it was more religiously oriented. It spoke of reincarnation and how a Buddhist believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that they existed in a past life and that they'll be brought back into yet another once they pass from this one. That's all very "religious" to me, and riddled with blind faith, which doesn't appeal to me at all. I really admired the open-mindedness of the Tao. My knowledge of both is limited, and I am posting this thread essentially in the hopes that someone will be able to comment on whether i'm completely confused about both practices or actually have said something here that makes any kind of sense Please enlighten me
  6. Very nice I would take this man seriously if only because he clearly trains hard and respects his diet which is reflected in his appearance. Finally a martial artist that knows how to train and eat There is nothing I disrespect more than ignorance. Such general and decisive statements as "that monk has used steroids" is complete BULLSHIT. Maybe he has and maybe he hasn't, but being a bodybuilding coach myself and having dealt with steroid and non-steroid users alike, I can tell you his physique is MORE than achievable by natural methods. Just because you may be fat or skinny and not know how to train and eat for such goals, doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Thanks. Glad someone is more informed on somatotypes and the realities of the human body. Cheers.
  7. How can I increase my Testosterone?

    You're suffering from Porno Shock. You don't need a higher testosterone count you just need a vacation from the pornography. Part of the excitement of sexual arousal stems from the actual conquest of attaining a woman. The ease at which you're finding the arousal coupled with the common fake breasts and attractive bodies are ruining real world sexuality for you. If you insist on increasing your levels of testosterone, go exogenous and shot 500mg of Testosterone Enanthate into your system weekly, or pick up some Tribulus Terrestris from your local health food store to bolster natural testosterone productions. Really though, just stop the porn for a while.

    Valid point
  9. About Bruce Lee

    I think considering how diversified Lee's mind was in his acquisition of knowledge, it's a safe bet that he adopted no one true way.
  10. the warrior diet

    Yah I was hoping it wasn't 160 kg That recommendation is for bodybuilding level athletes from what I understand DiPasquale also has a book called the Radical diet, I can post it if you like in ebook format. I would recommend checking out and looking at Dr. John Berardi's work Also is great for having a diet made for your personal goals Notice I wrote "IF" your intent is to shed body fat. Also based on the caloric values mentioned, and the fact that mantis claims he eats too much, it is clear he isn't expending over 2800 calories per day through sheer exercise. It's a matter of deduction and common sense; nothing to do with language. Nobody ever flat out said "eat fruit and you will be fat"... You're clearly just throwing in your 2 cents based upon what you feel your personal experiences are and not based on any scientific analysis of macronutrient ratios. I'm glad you enjoy fruit, and nobody said not to eat it in moderation, but your take on how eating fruit all day will not incur fat gain is ridiculous, and uneducated at best.
  11. the warrior diet

  12. the warrior diet

    Is your goal mass gain? Otherwise there's no good reason as to why you'd be eating so much on DiPasquale's anabolic diet. Nobody posting their opinions on diets thus far has mentioned anything about their goals as far as I can tell. Without defining variables as to what the intent of the diet is, no accurate answer can be given.
  13. Who is /are Max's Egyptian teachers?

    You totally made that post so you could correct his spelling didn't you
  14. Violently ill when falling in love?

    Please note I stated "most" people, not all people. There are exceptions to every rule and I was referring more specifically to illustrate a larger point to Darin. I doubt he has murdered anyone. Scotty, where and how did you see people die? I am curious to hear more.
  15. Taoism Online

    If there was a website that you felt should be created related to the Tao, what would it be? Is there anything missing out there or has everyone's needs been met in terms of what is online?