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  1. Mozi Neidan Scam

    still calling him a scamer what did he scam you out of? Ok just to put this into perspective. Eg asked you to cancel the money order and then you did. He told you to do this the instant he found out you sent it. Then not even 24hrs later you posted here and called him a scamer and accused him of being other people. So he stood up and said that he wasnt a scammer and that he wasnt these people and that you were lying and this apparently got him banned from here. So then it turns out that he wasnt thetaobum you then decide to find his number and call him?!?! you called the guy a scamer accused of being multiple people got him banned now your calling him? just leave the poor guy alone you sicko! but whatever right its all justified as long thetaobum pays you back the end justifies the means right?
  2. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Your not breaking my heart your just being illogical. You think that its more plausible that these 3 people who live on different sides of the planet are the same person bypassing all evidence instead of seeing the obvious which is that mpg tried to get the book 3 times and it failed all 3 times and he jumped to some crazy explanation to validate this short coming. but you know what im going to side with you i think eg ttb and lucas are the same person networking worldwide to get a $50 money order only to deny it or $150 paypal then refund half of it. And as a favor to me when you prove this let me know. hey man you can believe what you want but i also have logic to and i see both sides of a story and i can say that both parties on both sides are in the wrong.
  3. Mozi Neidan Scam

    well heres the thing you keep linking eg and ttb but thing is you dont have to believe eg because mpg said he cancelled it and now he finally understands that these are 2 different people so its not a question of believing eg. Its a question of believing mpg who is now changing his view so what your saying is that you only believe half of what mpg said.
  4. Mozi Neidan Scam

    wow you call that logic are you f'ing with me or are you being serious? ok here are the facts eg and thetaobum have different names, address, ip address, different modes of payment, different emails, in 1 case money was received and it was confirmed that it was recieved in the other case the money order was cancelled and confirm as such by both parties. dont you think that if eg was thetaobum he just would have done the same things as thetaobum and cash the money order and then refuse to refund. Your trying to speculate motive while overlooking the facts. Goodluck with that. Just take it as it is. Thetaobum screwed him lucas denied him as well as eg. those are the facts. i suspect that this made mpg mad and he started to come to some crazy conclusion that all 3 were the same person and that they were all after his money. What do you think did my ball land anywhere near the goal post let me know.
  5. Mozi Neidan Scam

    actually eg did and asked mpg to cancel the money order and mpg did cancel it. In either case it was eg who cancel the transaction not the other way around. A fact that people keep overlooking but whatever.
  6. Mozi Neidan Scam

    im trying to make a simple point. EG didnt take MPG'S money and he is not thetaobum then what did he do wrong? If he is thetaobum then post your proof. If he did take MPG'S money and not send him anything or didnt refund his money then post your proof. If you cant do that then shut up and stop dumping on the guy its that simple. fair is fair but i know by saying this im being captain asshole whatever right
  7. Mozi Neidan Scam

    funny i thought that being a man meant that you admitted when you were wrong. I guess you havent learned that yet unless you can prove that eg took mpg's money and or that eg and thetaobum are the same person.
  8. Mozi Neidan Scam

    neichuan, Answer me this genius who did eg scam on this forum? Thetaobum scammed mpg and he didnt get banned? mpg just tried to link eg and thetaobum as the same person but that doenst mean that eg did anything. So then it turns out that they are different people proving eg was correct and you were all wrong. Unless im mistaking. oh and thx for the name calling exactly what i expected from a senior poster here real class.
  9. Mozi Neidan Scam

    why is he getting more flack then thetaobum who admitted to taking his money and not sending him anything or refunding him-ie the payments hes making to mpg.
  10. Mozi Neidan Scam

    but hold on i thought he was also thetaobum and lucas too? im confused?
  11. Mozi Neidan Scam

    but he didnt scam you and he didnt scam mpg and you have no proof that he is these other people your just assuming.
  12. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Just putting some more thought into it. What was eg suppose to do you jumped on here calling him a scammer. He replied by saying your a liar (which is a natural response). What was he suppose to do not defend himself and just sit here and take it? Just looking back at this "event" no one asked this. Did eg take your money and not send you anything or refund you? You just cant walk away from this now that thetaobum is making payments (which is good) you accused someone and coerced other people into believing it to the extent that action was taken against this person by the admin. And just saying im sorry because i was angry isnt going to cut it. You made real accusations against a real person and real action was taken on that person.
  13. Mozi Neidan Scam

    If thats the case then what about eg? he got banned over this. Ive kept up with this thread because i was interested in the topic for obvious reasons. And i saw the post eg got banned for he was just calling you a liar and saying that he never scammed you and that he wasnt these other people and if he had any proof of him taking your money and then never sending you anything or refusing to refund then for you to post it here. So then it turns out he was right.... or is this how thetaobums operates now? So what are you going to do for eg being that he never took a cent of your money and your actions resulted in him being accused, disrespected, and banned from here when he did nothing to you. I also noticed that he posted his full response to you in his last message where he told you to cancel the money order. (its funny he got banned after he posted that) I think its fair to hear both sides of a dispute. I can tell you this if i were him i would have felt the same way and did the samething.- if i didnt do it. This just leaves me to think wheres the accountability for your actions? I mean if you knew he didnt take your money then why involve him in this in the first place?
  14. hello bums!

    I just wanted to say hi.