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    1. Yoga & Meditation 2. The Work 3. Tai Chi Qigong 18 Movements I and II, Primordial Qigong 4. Inner Smile 5. Relax into your being/Water fall meditation
  2. You can use a tool to measure what you want to , that measurement only defines it for that given instance with those limited parameters. Different tools can measure chi, and chi can manifest in many forms. I am all for science attempting to characterize the health benefits of Qi. But the limits of testing and its tools must be clear. Thanks for the link and thread.
  3. Wu Ji

  4. Man Love

    Juicy Thread. I am thankful for the Tao in assiting me to see this clearly. Being a gay black women, my self practices the Tao for the aid of my self, My chi cleansing, etc.. Since I spend some much Chi on this - Shen and jing do not recover to "Orig. Spriit" Again Ch i cutlivation practice is done, and I use the healing arts to address energy cultivation with client work. By essence of being a Tao healer, one cannot attain immortality. This is similiar to the Buddah killing the army to save the karmic debts of other warriors. Aspiring to sage is really not possible, because all aspirationss bring you to wonderous Tao where Lila resides, and I hope for a graceful landing. I can relax into my being, and just be. This is do my Self. Joy of Joys - I can always practice and absorb the moon energy. Hanuman Chalisa anyone? Oh, and people can quote scholars and "experts" - but only the individual can tell you what it like for them. That is the only true way to know. THis is a great opportunity to be a witness to compassion. Listen, take a minute to breath and listen. Can you witness compassion as it presents right now - Amazing. Compassion for the self by the Self.
  5. Greetings All!

    I'm very appreciative to find this community. Discussion and sharing of the Tao is necessary and fun. I practice healing Qi, and have expericened meditation breakthroughs this past year. It keeps me coming back for more - More openness, more clarity. Ahh, but this human form - faces the ignorances and desires. Practice, Practice, Practice..