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  1. Burning Palm System

    LOLOL who you tellin! Nah Sifu, I use clear and they're pretty awesome... 4G for $35 buck a month.
  2. Burning Palm System

    Sifu, LOLOL Exactly! Thanks Sifu. Had a hard time trying to find the right words to describe how we train without letting too much out. Oh hell yeah! Check your email. It's on!LOLOL Bless, Buby
  3. Burning Palm System

    Hi, The Burning Palm as taught by Sifu Garry is the real deal. As someone pointed out earlier, Sifu has Sigung blessings as can be seen on Sigung's myspace. It's a very internal system, that is not only for fighting but also for healing. It's also very spiritual in nature as it works off the elements. A very well rounded system. It's very hands on, no forms, lots of conditioning, lots of training drills, lots of meditations, encourages full contact sparring and just a very in-depth system. Probably one of the most practical styles I've ever trained and one of the easiest to get(although the training is a killer..108's anyone!LOLOL). The medicines are awesome, as well as our iron palm training. I can go on for days, but the proof is in the pudding. I wouldn't be training with Sifu for ten years if skill could not be attained. We went from VHS to DVD to Webcam and I've been able to learn and improve tons. Sifu is very open and doesn't play that secret game that you find in CMAs. The only regret I have is that I didn't meet Sifu sooner, cause I would have been able to dedicate more time and would have moved to OZ to complete my studies. Anything else, feel free to ask. Bless
  4. Hi

    Hi all, My name is Jorge and I've been training since the age of 7. I've had the opportunity to train in a couple of styles, but my bread and butter is Yau Kung Mun and Bak Fu Pai's Burning Palm. My Sifu in both styles is Sifu Garry Hearfield of Australia and I've been under his guidance for the last ten years. Thank you! Bless, Jorge