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  1. New Omei Bak Mei DVD

    Hi, just to share the trailer of the new Omei Bak Mei (White Eyebrow Kung Fu of Omei Mountains) DVD from Sifu Garry Hearfield Looks awesome, lots of information.
  2. Burning Palm System

    Hi, im one of Sifu Garry students Sifu Garry is great, you can see in his videos that he knows what he teaches, I also train Wing Chun and was looking for a more internal system and after searching for several internal arts and after talking with Sifu Garry about the art etc I decided to give it a try and I have to say its exactly what I wanted. I started a few weeks ago, Sifu is very helpful replies to all my questions explains everything very well, the videos ( the ones that are not in youtube but for the students ) are very high quality not only in video quality but in content as well. Sifu is very friendly and humble and you can see that he loves kung fu , the Burning Palm system and teaching, you can see that he teaches for the love he has for kung fu and in particular the BP system. If you are looking for a very complete martial art for fighting and/or energy/spiritual development this is a awesome art, but be ready to train diligently , its not an "easy" art, besides the meditations there is lots of conditioning and martial training, but that's why its a great art
  3. Greetings

    Just to say hi and i must say awesome forum, lots of good info and lots of good people as well