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  1. Homosexuals attacking Taoism on FB

    Excuse me?
  2. Homosexuals attacking Taoism on FB

    what so when someone mentions something negative about gays or criticize them, it is considered homophobic and trolling? lemme guess, your a liberal white male and converted to a religion you were not born into and is bent on hijacking other peoples religion and distort its original meanings to fit your personal beliefs. By the way I think homosexuality is forbidden in Taoism and in many religions. If I were to ask traditional authentic Taoists, Im absolutely positive they would be offended by this. traditional Taoists are different than internet New age taoist.
  3. Homosexuals attacking Taoism on FB

    Insulting Taoism by making it gay is like how this dutch artist depict "prophet" Muhammad as a gay. You can imagine how angry the Muslims were. She got attacked for that. The ying and yang is a sacred symbol and should not be tampered and disrespected like that.
  4. Homosexuals attacking Taoism on FB

    These homosexuals are disrespecting Taoism. Look at their profile picture it has a symbol of Taoism and enveloped in a GAY ohio flag. I consider this Blasphemy and insulting to Chinese culture. They are ignorant of what it means and using it because it looks cool to promote their cause.
  5. Hi

    Im Chinese and live in San Francisco.