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  1. John P. Milton's DVDs

    Hi, Thanks for the info. I've made up my mind about the Wuji DVD! The interview link was great too, thanks! cheers qingjing
  2. John P. Milton's DVDs

    Hi everyone, I was taking a look at John P. Milton's DVDs and they look really interesting to me. Is anyone here familiar with those DVDs? I've got two specific questions in mind: 1 - Is the Wuji form he teaches the same form as Michael Winn's and Paul Rubbio's? 2 - I hear he brings a lot from other traditions (like Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism etc.) into his work. Now, about his Qigong for Life series, does it offer "orthodox" (for lack of a better word) qigong theory and practice, or is it more like his own "mixed version" of energy work based on different traditions? Does he follow the traditional meridian model, yin-yang, jing, qi, shen, etc.? I'm all for integrating different traditions, but I'm still a beginner at qigong, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between "qigong-qigong" and "my-own-kind-of-qigong-based-energy-work-with-a-few-additions-qigong", you know? Thanks for your help! cheers qingjing
  3. Hi

    Hello everyone, After a while just reading the forum, I've decided to register. My interests include qigong, meditation, Daoism, Buddhism, and TCM... cheers