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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    Ju Jitsu from my teens to early 20's. Lau Gar Kuen and Yang T'ai Chi for the last 13 years. Focus has definitely shifted from external to internal martial arts but trying to keep a balance between the two (yin/yang after all!) . Also studying NeiGong along with the T'ai Chi....
  2. Hello everyone

    Good afternoon everybody, Just thought I'd drop by to say hello to you all. I've been practising external martial arts (Ju Jitsu initially then Lau Gar Kung Fu) since my teens but have become more and more interested in the internal arts. I still practice external kung fu but have been dabbling with T'ai Chi and Chi Gong off and on for the last 10 years. Have recently found what I consider to be a great T'ai Chi class (Lotus Nei Gong) here in Cardiff and am really enjoying my study; my path is becoming more concerned with energy work which I find fascinating and intriguing....I doubt I have even scratched the surface! I am sure a long road lays ahead of me and I intend to enjoy every step, regardless of where it takes me. Kind regards, David