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    Thank you very much, what you share is truly pearls of wisdom...
  2. Mo Pai Nonsense

    I'm interested about your telekinesis experience... Do you mind sharing ? I'm not trying to be an investigator or something like that... honestly, I'm just curious, it's my only motivation
  3. Mo Pai Nonsense

    Wow what an experience
  4. Mo Pai Nonsense

    , You said that you saw spirits, I assume you have your third eyes opened. If I am right, how do you open them ? Did you do it yourself through cultivation or receive help from an energy master ? Are they opened permanently ? , Do you have a personal experience of astral projection ? If you don't mind will you share ?
  5. Mo Pai Nonsense

    , Thanks for your insights, really appreciate Does Yin spirit that is projected behave like in astral projection, in which the person is able to control or is it something that happen autonomous ?
  6. Mo Pai Nonsense

    , what do you think about the golden light being that gave Master John Chang a hard time ? Is someone who has developed his yang spirit able to transform himself into a light sphere according to your knowledge of taoist alchemy ? Or perhaps it's another neikung technology...
  7. @tongkosong, thank you for your kind reply... If you don't mind, I have this question of mine that purely flows out from my own curiosity... If the being of light was a real event, what about the message delivered by the so called "mysterious" person and a mysterious challenger that offered Master Chang's senior student to come and study with him ? Did both events really take place ? How did the mysterious challenger offer Chang's senior student ? did he appear in a dream, used a written message, or came in physical person ? I'm really sorry, I hope I'm not going too far...
  8. Hi @thunderindo & @tongkosong. IMHO, you have tried to clarify the matter and explained things with your best effort in a well respected way. Would you clarify the two rumors that have been around. The first has been around since 2006. Did this event really ever take place according to your knowledge of Master John Chang ? If this is true, did this "being of golden light sphere" live somwhere in the same town of Indonesia too ? The second is the statement from Kosta's book : Did this statement really come from Master John Chang himself, or just a madeup by Kosta ? I truly appreciate and acknowledge that it's your right to answer or not to answer. However I think it's good if we could just verify several rumors that has been around by receiving the clarifications from reliable sources like both of you

    The real event of police trying to catch a person who used "ilmu kebal". According to the tv news presenter, the police has shot around 107 bullets (perhaps rubber bullets) and still unable to catch the guy. But there are events when the guy avoided the attack, they were when the attackers throw stones or woods at him. The police eventually catch him when they found out that he wore a magical ring. A sniper then shot the guy's finger and finish the drama. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm8IrXF4P9Q

    Btw according to my limited knowledge of native Indonesian schools... The real power lies behind the spiritual practices rather than from the qi/prana cultivation. Indonesian spiritual practices that involve spirits are real and can be dangerous. They can perform features like what advanced qi practitioners do, like telekinetics etc. And can be accomplished in an extremely very short period of time when compared to qi cultivation, because they involve spirits. The characteristics are : - Performing initiation rituals. like bathing with flowered water, fasting, etc - Giving offerings to spirits. - Using empowered items, like rings, charms, etc that are linked to the power of spirits. - The power from the same source can be implemented to several people or items, but it can also crash when it is implemented into "too many users". - Faith is emphasized ( you must believe for these things to really reveal their power, in qi cultivating practices you don't have to believe you just need to be neutral and open mind). But there are also limitations like : - Your opponents must be in certain states of mind (full of hatred /anger). - The aura of the surroundings. - The belief system of opponents and people around. - There are also types of power that can only operate in certain geographic areas only. - You can't overuse it, ( I think qi is also like this, just the way to replenish it is different) However this is my own personal opinion. You should validate yourself. But for qi cultivation to generate power I think the fact is it's a long and hard journey and the methods are very specific (It's almost impossible to figure out by yourself in our limited lifespans, as it is built from generation to generation and using the previous generation knowledge as the foundation, just like our current science and technology). But I'll just stick to it, because in my opinion dealing with spirits you don't really know can be dangerous

    Thank you for your explanation, appreciate it

    @puretruth01, thank you for your kind answers. I have another questions if you don't mind. 1. Do you mean wuji meditation like standing still and focusing mind at ldt ? 2. What is the sign that the battery is there ? According to my experience, focusing mind at ldt with a sincere attitude (this is very important,imho) while loosening other parts of the body (but still focus at ldt), will generate a feeling of moving (doing repetitive exercises), radiating intentions like calmness, peaceful, and love from the ldt (mostly I read love radiates from mdt not from ldt, but I think I can feel it from ldt but the taste is a bit different). Random thoughts started to disappear but somehow to maintain this state for a long time without disconnections in the middle requires true dedication imho. I think I'm not able to do it for a long period of time without some disconnections in the middle. 3. Is my experience a sign that I have made that connection of ldt with heart-mind ?
  13. Thanks for your reply, glad to hear he's still doing the research... But what do you think personally about this kind of research ? will scientific community eventually admit the existence of qi ?

    Hi @puretruth01, sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your conversation. I'm interested in your explanations. I have some questions in mind if you don't mind to answer. 1. The battery means Ldt ? 2. How do you create it ? 3. How to increase the signal of dantien ? 4. You mention about increasing the tian ? is it the tian of dantian that means field ? 5. What is the difference of increasing the tian with increasing the signal of the dan ? 6. When the mind fuses with ldt, does it feel like our awareness is put at the ldt, so that we move, feel, and radiate intentions from the ldt ? Sorry for the many questions
  15. , I've read Yan Xin's books about researches of qigong in China. I'm amazed by the research results. But I have a disturbing question in mind, If those were real, why we don't hear any further research about qigong lately performed by chinese researchers ? I'm trying to be open minded anyway... Do you have any latest updates about master Yan Xin activities ? I've once read a skeptic's blog saying that perhaps the government found out his fraudulent claims so that he was no longer allowed to operate his training widely. It's a speculative opinion however, but quite interesting But from my own experience, this thing is real, even though i'm not able to cut through inside a banana or generating electric power:) but the heat, the switching of state of mind they are very obvious.