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  1. Buddhism and the 11th Step

    Thanks for everyone's insightful posts. I think sometimes people are willing to give up everything for just one momentary break from suffering. The suffering seems impermanent. They delude themselves into forgeting that going for that one perfect moment through substances is going to bring them a parade of hell afterwards.
  2. Thanks for posting this. i didnt know what was happening.
  3. Snorings

    I have heard the breath right strips, that the athletes use on their noses, reduce snoring for a lot of people. It doesn't work for me snoring but does help me breathe easier.
  4. I had an odd experience the other day

    daniel ingrams site has good information on the different meditation stages. I would agree with ForestofSouls about it being Equanimity. In Equanimity you feel content with things you may have previously loved or hated. but now have no aversion or craving towards one or the other. Franklin Merrell-Wolff also wrote pretty extensively on it calling it high indifference. Most likely will change.
  5. Retreat advice

    There are several retreat temples around Chaing Mai that are donation based. Wat Woriwihan Chom Tong which is about 1.5 hours south west of Chaing Mai usually has western teachers and the first course is about 21 days. Its a Vipassana course based on the teachings of Mahasi Sayadaw. Its an individual practice with reporting to a teacher daily. Wat Doi Suthep has retreats as well as Wat Rampung both around Chaing Mai. I have a pdf file of many temples and their programs in Thailand. PM me and i can send that to you or give you more information about Chom Tong.
  6. Honey

    At Sri Aurobindo's eye clinic in India, they use honey directly in the eyes to cure some vision problems.
  7. new kunlun book

    You are accusing Max of "probably" using NLP in his books. How? Can you give a specific example? There are just instructions on the practice in the book. Max wasnt using NLP or hypnosis when he taught his seminar in Phoenix. Im still at a loss. What would Max be using NLP to accomplish? If he was, why didnt he set up his seminars to lure people into a second, third, or fourth seminar at $2,000 each or something. All he charges is $300 and there isnt any garbage about needing to take other courses. How is he making anything when he has 20 people at a seminar? Thats $6,000 to cover a meeting hall, hotel rooms, and airfare for a few people. Subtract out expenses and weigh in a life in hotel rooms on the road away from home. Its not a very good business.
  8. Really good information on Franz Bardon from Rawn Clark.
  9. pineal gland calcification

    This may be related. iodine supplementation supposedly clears out fluoride which accumulates in the pineal gland and the thyroid gland' dont know if it would decalcify the gland though.
  10. So How does One Get Started?

    I agree with smile that Daniel Ingram is the best start for Vipassana meditation. He has a 2 page basic instruction. You can pm me and ill send you a good ebook also from the same meditation tradition.
  11. Shaking Practice in Bali

    I have heard some meditation teachers say the involuntary body jerking cuts out defilements. To me its always feels like electricity jolts. Bronze, Are you doing this Ratu Bagus shaking or another type?
  12. AMMA

    Thanks Myth. My bad. Vortex, in Albuquerque they had special priority for first timers. They recieved a token to be in the first group. The other possibility would be get a token and go back later. It ran till about 2:30 am. Agree with the other posters about the experience of being there.
  13. AMMA

    The actual hugging part is called Darshan. So, with the public programs there are 2 a day. The first starts at 10:00 am and then the evening at 7:30 pm. She usually gives a translated lecture at night that lasts about an hour and they have a brief period of songs and the energy builds up. I think in the evening the actual hugging starts at the earlies by 9:00pm, the morning session was closer to the start time. You get a token for your time slot to be greeted by her. So you can hang around near her or go do something else. Then when your time comes they put you in a short line. Its very well organized. The time thing is a little hazy around her for me it seems like 10 minutes has passed and then I look at the watch and 2 hours are gone.
  14. AMMA

    I just saw Amma for the 2nd time in the last couple months, she is known as the hugging saint from India. Any words I could use to describe being in her presence seem limiting, but it was all good. I am curious as to what Taobums and Kunluners experience from her energy. If you can go, get a seat as close as you can get to her. She has free programs for the public as well as retreats in a few cities. New Mexico 6.22 - 6.26 Dallas 6.29 - 6.30 Coralville 7.02 - 7.03 Chicago 7.05 - 7.06 New York 7.08 - 7.10 Washington DC 7.12 - 7.13 Boston 7.15 - 7.18 Toronto 7.20 - 7.23
  15. Kunlun helmet

    This sounds like what you all are mentioning but i guess they aren't making them anymore.