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  1. secret smile

    explain what the secret smile is
  2. David Shen Verdesi Press Release

    Your name is Adam West...my apologies.
  3. Mandatory Post

    Huh, I finally understand the coyote metaphor
  4. Got Ego?

    This little chat has already digressed miles from the original topic, so I'll push it a bit further... I'm just not convinced by this argument. You are warranting your point with an appeal to some subjective ethical system that says taking another being's life is wrong. As far as I can see, that system is unfounded, especially when you look at other carnivorous animals, and their eating habits. I'll stick with the bear example that I used above: do you consider it wrong that a bear murders a fish for sustenance? Do you really think that the bear feels guilt for the suffering it causes? It was a rhetorical question. The answer it absolutely not, it's doing what it needs to survive. There is nothing inherently wrong about someone's dietary habits, and by imposing human moral systems onto other animals you are creating sets of rules and truths that simply don't exist. ...I'm just sayin that sometimes you gotta get your kill on in order to get your eat on...that's all
  5. Mandatory Post

    http://www.crissangel.com/ enjoy
  6. Got Ego?

  7. Mandatory Post

    I'm pretty much here to learn how to punch through walls and push around objects. I saw this one guy lift up a bottle with his mind...that would be fun