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  1. Use of Unrefined Qi in Healing

    Thanks Ish. I guess this would imply that the healer is a channel for the Qi going into the patient. I guess what I meant was for instances where the healer is not channelling into the patient, but rather setting up conditions for the ambient energy to be taken in by the patient.
  2. Asthma

    I am not an expert, just a fellow student of the Arts and the last topic at the local group I attend just happened to be about Water element(Kidney). That's why I felt I could offer some kind of useful advice ! However I understand what you mean.
  3. Asthma

    Hi there, In the cycle of the 5 elements, Lungs are associated with Metal and Kidneys with Water. In the creation cycle Metal nurtures the Kidney. However if you have a Kidney Yin deficiency, it will drain the Lung energy (thus becoming Lung Deficient). If you address Kidney Deficiency it will then allow the lung to recuperate. So the lung problem may not be a lung problem, but a kidney defiency, leading to a lung weakness from the kidney "borrowing" too much from the lung.
  4. Can I change my dispy name?

    Hi please change to Whirlwind
  5. I was wondering if I can change my display name or close this one and open a new one. I only have 2 posts.
  6. In Taoist alchemy, Qi (Jing Qi) must be refined in order for it to be of use for higher level self-healing. This refinement happens in the lower Dantian, where (from my experience) it seems to steam upwards from the dantian after it is refined, expanding upward to fill every nook and cranny. I also have come across forms which are mean to take in external Qi in larger quantities than usual, directly from the ambiant environment. However it feels as though the quality of this Qi is more "raw" and brought me to wonder, is this Qi useable in that state, or must it also be refined before it becomes "useful" energy. I suppose the same question could be applied to Qi healing for others. If external Qi (from the ambient environment) is directed towards the patient, is it directly useable? Or must it be refined by the patient's Dantian before is is of any use to them?
  7. Hi, I am reaching out to any of you out there who might have read Michael Lomax's book "A Light Warrior's Guide to High Level Energy Healing (Medical Qigong & A Shaman's Healing Vision". If you have read it and would consider selling it please let me know a reasonable price. I know there is a Kindle version, but I would much prefer having a paper copy. Many thanks!
  8. Hi, I have been reading some of your posts and in a particular one you link to a file for Taoist Alchemy Initiation. I was wondering if it was available in book form?

    I am also wondering if you could give a summary of your practice. I mostly come from a Yogic Internal Alchemy background, but would like to venture into the Taoist practices and would like to have a "system" I...