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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Sifu Terry wrote: P.S. No doubt that contributor "Dale" has such a predilection as he explained in a posting not too long ago that he had been communing with Puxian (patron saint of Ehrmeishan) in meditation, and then a few weeks later discovered for the first time the DVD series teaching Flying Phoenix and this discussion thread. :excl: Hi Sifu Terry! It was actually just one week later. Thanks once again for continuing to share the fundamentals and fine points of Flying Phoenix with all of us, garnered over so many years of studying and teaching. We'd be floundering without you! Dale
  2. Good news, I'll be beginning Flying Phoenix practice in May via the first 2 DVD's, decided to finally get crackin' with it, :) I feel myself being called to the meditations somehow, strange it's something is telling me that it's my answer somehow. :)

  3. Hi Shen! Thanks for update. My practice is deepening, and I'm pretty regular with it daily, which helps. I'll start to learn more soon. Take care. I'll be in touch! Da Le :)

  4. Progress update - All goes well, results are being gained slowly through the training, my abilities are building up a little higher every week. How goes your meditations? :) - Shen

  5. Thanks Da Le, and I'll definately have to listen to that some time, I never would have guessed music could bring one back together like that, glad it helped you so much. :) Warmest regards from the cold, cold north. :) - Shen

  6. Hi Shen! Congratulations on beginning your training! Should you sometimelisten to Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, it may sound strange at first. No one has ever written music quite like it, before or since. But this music does what it does regardless, which is go right into the soul and spirit and "put Humpty-Dumpty back together again"! - Da Le

  7. I've never heard anything like that before, it's quite fascinating. I'll have to look into the power of such music sometime, I never would have thought to be honest. Oh and to update you on things, I'm studying the first DVD volume now, should be ready to begin my training tomorrow. Warmest regards from the cold, cold north. :) - Shen

  8. Mercy is as mercy does!

  9. This music pretty much restored my nerves and mental health years ago after a major breakdown (child-PTSD-related). For once thing it's "vertical music"--reaches right up to the "Immortal Realms"; and also it puts Order back into the heart-mind and nervous system. So it's still my Musical Food. :) - Da Le

  10. to continue a bit more :) -- the main keyboard instruments in Bach's time were harpsichord and organ. Aside from the metal-stringed harpsichords, there were gut-stringed "lute harpsichords" - like a keyboard guitar! - and harpsichords with foot-pedals. I just ordered the Well-Tempered Clavier played on a pedal-harpsichord! [cont.]

  11. [cont.] Then he did it all over again 20 yrs later, so there's Bk I and Bk II. The word 'clavier' means any keyboard instrument; 'well-tempered' means able to change Keys without stopping to re-tune.

    SO...I found a correlation of the 12 Keys with the 12 Zodiac Signs, and now I have GREAT music for any Sign, such as my natal Sun in Virgo! - Da Le :)

  12. Hi! I spent my day...listening to JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, called the 'bible of western music' because everyone from Mozart to John Lennon has studied it, since it does so many fantastic things with music. In it Bach composed music for all 12 Keys (Major and Minor scales = 24) [cont.]

  13. Hi Shen! I just tutor (or mentor) as informal opportunities arise. You have a fine goal; I know you'll be of value to many people in your life. You can think of yourself becoming like a word or glyph that's cut into a silk screen; and Spirit will press through that (through your soul) to print itself on your world and the people you meet, for ultimate Good. -- Da Le

  14. Oh I didn't know you were teaching, cool... I hope to do that someday myself, I'm researching longevity and youth maintaining arts and plan to teach those to my older friends someday... :) - Shen

  15. Thank you for your update, Shen! I'm glad to hear your DVDs arrived. It's pretty frigid here, too, right now. My Qigong work is going quite well, with definite benefits. I've also been teaching Taoist meditation and some Qigong to a young friend (about 29) who is a chief instructor at a Taekwondo school. I enjoy that. :) Da Le