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  1. Hi Dahu, You know I would bet your right and there is a lot of negativity based around internal arts due to misinformation, is sad that it happens, and it sad that there has to be a vale of secrecy around real internal arts that leads to this fake teacher getting money thing. Whats really funny is not only the student is wasting his time but the fake teacher is too. A man that was surly on an internal quest and failed so he made money faking it, or he just never knew his art was hallow in a seance. At least with a little luck the student can find out he's a fraud and learn what isn't real, but the supposed teacher is stuck with his foolish daemons forever, he could make millions and die with regrets witch don't go away when you die. Now our student just has to go back to his compass and find his next destination with a little more knowledge of were not to go. The art of the search it's self, is one that shouldn't have many attachments, you must test your teachers not the other way around and don't get hung up on a teacher in the first place, if your a human and there human and there not willing to give you info that would better you for free you have to ask why. Sometimes there's a reasonable amount and reason but so many are not so avoid them as a source of knowledge, find free sources that have no reason to lie, like the Ring of Fire John Chang Video it's self. There is a lot of free information in Johns actions in that video and it may take a background in some internal practices witch is also free but that's all under an internet bill I suppose so it's not really free, then again what else do you do with money other than hold on to it. I personally hate money, so I love getting rid of it. I am happiest broke, I feel more human in a way.Anyways I hope this all helps your efforts for dialogue Dahu and I wish you well. As well as Moonbar , I like him too and I don't know why yet.
  2. As far as people trying to learn Mo Pai for cool tricks, I do not think that is possible.The one to have a drive of that will not last and I believe that there is more than that in every human on earth for the good of them and the bad. A lot of tribes didn't have a lot of shamans and it hasn't been on an incline, it won't be any different for us, a few of the members here will actually practice Mo Pai and many wont. If we taught Mo Pai in schools it might be much different but I don't think the government is in for acts leading to freedom.
  3. The art form of Mo Pai is bigger than John or any of his preceding masters , and even at that, it's more then an art form. It's the apparent fact that the human body is a lot more capable than it is given credit, so now you have to say you don't know everything about your self and this is a large piece of everything that the human body is capable of. Not everybody likes to do such things and it gets harder with religious applications that may conflict, but the fact remains Mo Pai is real and there's a lot more of it in our past than we know. These things get eroded by time,myth, doubt and secrecy like Egypt. And in the end of histories days it only takes one bad generation, I bet some will think it us but I am fairly confident that Mo Pai will live on through this generation and it will go on believed and disbelieved, it's a real shame that something like Mo Pai can't rewrite a medical book anytime soon but were getting there and I am sure well all see this point in time is still a vary primal one, just like the 1920's. Regarding the book that Jim wrote, don't you think Jim really stuck it to Kosta danaos. I was really happy to see the title of the book wasn't miss leading like "Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages" and the trip to and through Surabaya was awesome! and I have a feeling it's his first book so good for him!
  4. Yeah I like him too, Nice to meet you Great Tiger. I'll be sure to put my two cents down on your thoughts soon with respect
  5. I hope your not referring to me, but the main point of debate here is not were people may be living is it? From what I see the great debate is ownership and secrecy of the art form. This is the metaphorical wound that is open in front of us and harsh words like mine will not heal this wound so I am sorry for that.
  6. I have read the book, twice and it's not teaching Mo-Pai and it is not profiting from Mo-Pai. If Jim is profiting from anything it is from his personal choice to travel and have an adventure and so he shares that.You may notice this is the better part of what books are, but I am not shocked if you don't.The title of the book is a tip off to that fact and I am not sure why you look past that but I have some ideas as well do a few on this site. The word "Karma" is one you don't understand, and if you think a mans trip is going to change MMA your wrong, just read your own words " Heaven forbid this information gets into the hands of the MMA/NHB World. I have been told there are no techniques outlined in this book" you sir are vary, vary funny for lack of a better term. The "information"(assuming your talking about Mo-Pai and not Jim's book all of a sudden) being in the hands of everybody ?!?! what would be the problem with that? other than the odd fool not practicing and spending time inarticulately flipping out on better people and even then the good out ways the bad. Or did you mean that people will read about Jim's travels and instantly know were the Mo-Pai book of teachings is and then they'll just hop in there and steal it,translate it,learn it and practice it then somehow everybody will learn it and practice it, Just imagine the whole world meditating oh my what a scary thought. Oh and a little secret you might not be aware of, books cost money...it's science.
  7. Calligraphy by Master Wang Liping

    The man is quite great, it was such an adventure reading his book I couldn't imagine meeting him , I think i would hand cuff myself to him
  8. Greeting all, My intentions are to learn here and I am primarily interested in Taoism I've done Kyokushin only for a few years as a young child and then I fallowed Kung fu somewhat and became in awe of Bruce Lee witch led me a little deeper down the road of kung fu I still practice ti chi, haven't mastered it yet but I feel I am far off from any internal accomplishments so ti chi isn't quite a necessity yet anyhow and will soon be mastered in preparation of the deepest internal descent I am capable of. I am currently reading Taoist Yoga - Alchemy & Immortality By Lu k'uan yu (charles luk) and it seems vary complete so far but not with out a plethora of encrypted terminology witch is so far kinda fun but I am scared that I might miss interpret and practice wrong for some time so in short I recommend it for anyone interested in the internal alchemy of Taoism but be prepared for a long read and a couple re-reads altogether, I am sure the last thing you want to do the wrong way easily excites in this book, Don't let it's size fool you lol. In closing I'd like to kindly ask if someone could point me in the right direction , I am confused by the lower tan t'ien it seems to be somewhat pinnacle and I don't really get it's limitations or how it generally feels when filling or passing to the sheng szu ch'iao - mortal gate from that mortal gate to the ni wan it seems a little more straight forward and quite in control of blood flow to ones head with adjusted breathing , just about shot my eyes out of my head once lol just kidding anyways if anyone no someone I can contact that knows there tan t'ien like the back of there hand I could use a word with them Thanks 8D .