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  1. I'm Lost

    Hi there, I usually don't post here either for the same reason as you. I don't have any big words for you, just want to say that you shouldn't view all alternatives as running away. sometimes "run" is what you're "supposed to do", instead of staying and torturing yourself in an unfruitful situation. View it as a chance to take a step away from where you are at, so that you can look back and review your situation from some distance. That way you may find some new alternatives, that may be obscured from you at the moment. Give yourself a break. Iz
  2. remembering harmony

  3. One more new

    Hi, I'm here to learn. Trying to read and understand, as I'm a facts nerd. Know the difference between intellectual understanding and real deep understanding, but that's the way I go about stuff. Anyways, hope to find something good here. cheers