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  1. #### the total price as we all know is $3900. Please represent Master Wang accurately, honestly and kindly.####
  2. I heard similar feedback. but more peculiar is the US authorized teacher is trying to make the April Intensive a lower price from last year by not compensating Grandmaster's translator for this year. The all inclusive cost is $3900 as usual but that rep is advertising for less so any student signing up through her will unsuspectingly pay the full $3900 when they arrive for the Intensive anyway. Why the misleading advertising? it is unfair to students who will be soo upset that she misled them! what is she doing? promoting conflict?
  3. (personal attacks edited out by moderator) #### Master Wang? He says the all inclusive price is $3900. #### the correct fee of $3900 ####
  4. let the truth be known.. it's only fair that we students know some facts to decide for ourselves whether to study with an incompetent US authorized teacher. i've always thought it best to go directly to the source, straight study with Grandmaster.
  5. Thank you, TianShi. In fact this is confirmed the strict graduation path in any authentic daoist tradition. by now, we should know to stay away from fuzzy practices that lead nowhere.
  6. Blessed TaoMeow, I LOVE you more. You have intelligence, determination and articulation for starters. You are my dreamgirl.. Please, I Ching might favor me?