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  1. (Btw, I am psychoanalyzing and openly speculating about whoever is making these accusations, not her target, lol.. Although this is supposed to be a thread about Master Wang's retreat...it has obviously become merely a proxy for someone else's own internal struggle. This appears to be a classic case of Freudian projection that Byron Katie self-inquiry could definitely help resolve. Lots of meat to work with here...lol. A great opportunity for self-growth, in fact. As there can be no peace with others, until there is peace within yourself! ) So, I hope we can all resolve our own issues here and become a functional, loving family. We all have much to contribute together, instead of against one another. __________ thanks, vortex posted this about kathy :-). anyone who has the arrogance to come to america and not learn english or eat western food is illustrative of also one who is too arrogant to learn taoism properly.
  2. as for Grandmaster not having time to answer questions at a public seminar, what do you expect with over 250 people? this is why we are given every opportunity to ask our questions for ten days at his private intensive. don't begin to compare this to a one time five minute online question and answer session with Grandmaster. kathy (personal insults edited by moderator)#### choosing to embrace ONLY the chinese buffet against the wishes of students. students need to know these facts as not to waste their time and investment with unfounded expectations. if you don't go straight to study with Grandmaster you are procrastinating your success.####
  3. Qin Ling and Viktor are great, authorized teachers. Still their students ultimately study with Grandmaster as Qin Ling and Viktor encourages them to. Several attended Grandmaster's recent Intensives. As for an authorized teacher in the US, however, word is you had BETTER go study with Grandmaster himself directly.... [delete] ... you best study directly with Grandmaster as not to waste your precious time.
  4. gastal, we the students are surprised by your ignorant and idiotic assumption; this is a discussion thread where we earnestly share knowledge to help each other tread wisely.
  5. Yes, indeed. I know a master today who had over 100+ teachers! He was very thirsty so travelled the world to seek these masters and learned many awesome techniques. After many years of practice, and teaching his own students everything he learned, he himself suffered from severe internal bleeding. He was traumatized but the damage had already been done and he had to spend much time in rehabilitation. His students were shocked because they incorrectly trusted that their master knew what he was doing. For me, I feel better just knowing that I won't have to suffer like that while attaining the best progress with one trusted source. It's your personal decision; please choose carefully; all masters are NOT equal. We need to recognize that in this day and age, the quality of masters is not as in was in the early days of Taoism down to the Qing dynasty.
  6. Thank you Little1. You are correct, attitude and fairness is crucial. Dragongate-academy was created by western students in support of Grandmaster, who like you noted, have really explored a good spectrum of spiritual paths and appreciate an educated costumer. Our motivation here is to best serve all seekers of mastery. We wish you the best success on your journey, and again thank you for your input.
  7. I attended the FIRST April 2010 Intensive, indeed was 'created and organized' by dragongatenyc; students from California, Hong Kong, New York, Seattle and Florida attended. Indeed it was the FIRST Intensive which has opened the door for this year's April 2011 Intensive. Students who attended are in photos posted on both laoziacademy and dragongate-academy.org websites so you should already know about this. i didn't hear about laoziacademy until now, i joined the April 2010 because dragongatenyc invited me. so dragongatenyc didn't join thetaobums until later; how is this relevant? dragongatenyc sent me our group photo so i can share so that you will understand correctly now. also, the price was $3900 because the link you posted did not include the translation fee. why is there any argument? the objective is to promote our revered Grandmaster. Why does it matter so much to you who is promoting? students don't care who is promoting, they just want the authentic teachings. it would seen that your focus is not on attracting new students, but on attacking dragongatenyc to promote laoziacademy. you should see the value in dragongatenyc assisting with promotions; now with that attitude perhaps you could both begin to work together harmoniously.
  8. Q, you are so full of fear and negativity, you need to meditate on bringing in more light messages; it must be difficult to live in that dark reality. The wise who seek to go far don't wait until they are depleted to start the path. You speak for yourself perhaps and the average person who doesn't aim to attain much. Living in fear is not dynamic and it is not honoring your higher self. How old are you and when do you plan to study with Grandmaster?