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  1. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive

    Hey everyone, We found a wonderfully dynamic device: It's an anti-gravity inversion type yoga swing: www.yogaswings.com It takes your fitness to a whole new level! Master's New York crew tell me they are using the yoga swing before the group meditation session. it's awesome. For a discount, use promotion code: jho25
  2. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive April 16 - 25, 2011

    We are extremely disappointed in kathy li, continuing to pose as gaxtal, skyfly, etc to erroneously accuse dragongatenyc to be thetaobum as clearly there is no relation. after the many years of so called cultivation practice that kathy has claimed, she is still unable to use any vision to see that dragongatenyc and thetaobum are not even acquainted. sadly indeed, a so called fingerprinted disciple, accusing dragongatenyc in complete ignorance. even less senior students, Kronos and Ken know for certain that dragongatenyc is completely unrelated to thetaobum. we don't know thetaobum but we wish him and every seeker of mastery the very best on their journey. we never judge those we do not know. we don't know what kathy seeks, but she might start with clear vision. she cannot lead anyone when she is still blind. while we don't blame her for not being able to see, however, blindly accusing dragongatenyc of being thetaobum is unacceptable, incompetent, and disgracefully irresponsible behavior. In this instance, it is apech who has the vision and he has agreed that the ids are completely unrelated. we look forward to an overdue apology from kathy li.
  3. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive April 16 - 25, 2011

    Happy Maha Sivaratri to all. This is the moonless night where the single pointed focus when doing Grandmaster's practice will open the doors to Infinity. You don't have to fast or lose sleep but if it helps for one night, by all means, go ahead :-). Names are many but God is One. Paths are many but truth is One.
  4. Vortex consistently has good material. Happy Sivaratri to all. This is the moonless night where the single pointed focus when doing Grandmaster's practice will open the doors to Infinity. You don't have to fast or lose sleep but if it helps for just one night, by all means, go ahead :-). Names are many but God is One. Paths are many but truth is One.
  5. thank you Vortex for taking the time and energy to post this. certainly it has been an incredible learning experience and perhaps it shows that our Grandmaster is truly soo incredible that students feel the need to fight over supporting him let's suppose that is the TRUTH as crazy as that sounds.. now how often does this kind of thing happen? it may be comical to you, but i assume it is also rare. thank you for sharing, your input is appreciated..
  6. Grandmaster Wang Liping Intensive April 16 - 25, 2011

    Yes, Grandmaster teaches sleeping practice, 'shui gong'. Also, just so you know, Grandmaster does NOT sleep. He is beyond..
  7. let's get our terminology clear here, YM. the public seminar for $3500 consists of over 300 in attendance making it impossible for foreign students to discuss questions directly with Grandmaster let alone learn the practice correctly. the Private Intensives consist of under 15 students so Grandmaster can address individual student needs and work personally to help us progress. there is a big difference here so we do need to share this with clarity.
  8. fyi, the price for the public seminar is at least $3500 USD for foreigners now.
  9. that would be the public seminar where you don't have the opportunity to ask Grandmaster any personal questions because there are so many in attendance. by the way, even the public seminars are much more expensive now. my foreign friends who attended didn't even grasp the practice down properly because the translator ratio was so limited. they later attended a private with Grandmaster and thus filled in the many gaps and misunderstandings. The accommodations at the private Intensive have been quite impressive. No one had complaints about the hot springs hotel in dalian. Internet access was available and meals were overwhelming. Laundry service and spa services were available. just so you understand correctly, YM, that we didn't stay at a cheap hotel.
  10. On behalf of Dragongatenyc as Jeannette is busy with New Year's celebrations, let me help clarify this for you. First of all, Ken, you should definitely have a direct chat with Master Wang before you assume you have the correct mindset and are defending the correct information, because you are in fact making a big mistake by defending kathy who is very guilty of misrepresentation. kathy has posted insulting messages and lies all over taobums since the fall of 2010 and now students simply are offended so it is her bad seeds that are sprouting. http://www.thetaobum...1entry227093. this is what Richard meant (see other thread regarding Grandmaster's intensive) about Master Wang's wife and family and other Taoists NOT being involved. here kathy creates nonexistent vicious rumors. Jeannette has Grandmaster's permission and blessings to promote him. still it was her the vision and repeated request to support Grandmaster as a team which kathy has refused and abused. Instead it is kathy's dream to be the only one in the US who is allowed to support Grandmaster. Instead of being happy that together with Jeannette, they could capably offer Grandmaster more support as a team, kathy sets out to attack her in every way she could imagine. Jeannette has known kathy for a few years (personal attacks and insinuations edited by moderator)#### although it remains Dragongatenyc's vision still to someday harmoniously support Grandmaster together with kathy, perhaps it is too optimistic given the present facts. Our primary goal at Dragongatenyc, the collective student union for Grandmaster, is to provide him the best support despite any obstacle. Grandmaster and Jeannette had preset the April 2011 Intensive dates after the August 2010 Intensive, so when Grandmaster corrected kathy about her incorrect posting of the April Intensive dates, she cried that her students had already booked flights for April 15th, which is earlier than the original preset dates. As our first obligation is to our students, Jeannette will now have to miss her final exams in oriental medicine this April 2011. This is the kind of unreasonable, unkind behavior that kathy has displayed in addition to inappropriately apologizing to the student for charging the correct price of $3900 for the Intensive. Richard we understand is wonderful and not really involved on taobums anymore after last night's post (unproved insinuations of stolen identity edited by moderator) #### For August 2010, Jeannette certainly organized a good sized group of many students to attend Master Wang's Intensive; domestic and international students attended. In addition, another translator organized a group as well, with NO relation to kathy li, and thus with no help or knowledge from her. Yet she seeks to claim her part in organizing both April and August Intensives when it was Jeannette who did the actual work of making both a reality. Through and through, the Intensive price is $3900 for new students and discounted for old students. This is a known fact. No student paid more than this price so don't make up any fiction. If the translator requests that you pay the fee, that is her option; it's not an easy job and she should be compensated. The entire fee of $3900 is always given directly to Grandmaster at the start of the Intensive to distribute with his translator as he deems appropriate. Dragongatenyc, Jeannette and and all volunteer students make absolutely no money as their sole objective is to support Grandmaster. and you, Ken, i understand in fact, you weren't supposed to receive the student discount because it was your first Intensive with Grandmaster but Jeannette kindly allowed you the discount because you were already on the path with another teacher. search your memory bank, you paid $3700 total. You should meditate clearly, and support without bias with three of your eyes open. what you see here today is just karma unfolding; equations coming to a balance. Jeannette's motivation is to promote Grandmaster on her discussion thread and repeatedly kathy attacked her about receiving bonuses. as all this is completely untrue, please, Ken, please we ask you to speak directly with Grandmaster and kindly repost your findings. we look forward to hearing from you then.
  11. wow, and i thought she FORGOT to return my pen..
  12. We have many student testimonials on our 'Success Stories' page on http://dragongate-academy.org. Grandmaster Wang Liping's students in New York City are offering free preparatory training for students who commit to the April Intensive. If you are interested, please register with us asap to get started. This is in gratitude for our Grandmaster; for he is truly beyond and has our full support.
  13. Thank you for sharing, YM. Our Grandmaster Wang Liping indeed teaches with a systematic method of effective techniques; as a result, he has huge worldwide support.
  14. our goal is to support Grandmaster and his students in every way necessary. with our goals towards progress for humanity, we feel good about opening the doors to the April Intensive so students have this integral opportunity to explore.
  15. Grandmaster makes no claims; his guiding ability speaks for itself. yes, it's Grandmaster's students who are cognizant and understand his level that have elected to seek no further. yes, of course our innate power is what we ultimately integrate with; that's the focus, and that's in the unveiling. you could very well make some progress on your own, sitting in nature, at peace with the elements. but this science of mastery has a system and it is not set by random dabbling with ingredients from incompatible recipes. mathematical equations work well because they are balanced precisely. to think one is capable of surpassing Jesus in this lifetime is not realistic for some of us, but we can still try our best :-)