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  1. 您們好

    Very well said!
  2. 您們好

    *chuckles* Sorry about the Chinese. I try to use it when I can (without obscuring the general meaning of what I'm saying) so that I don't forget what I do know. Thank you for the welcome!
  3. 您們好

    Oh yes, I agree. Usually, it appears as though thinking is a never-ending-process, that there is a literal stream of thoughts. But when one becomes more familiar with meditation, one begins to notice that there are gaps between thoughts. They arise, persist, and then subside. Like a movie projection twenty-four still images a second, the mind runs through its thoughts in a way that makes it appear as though we never stop thinking, but we do, so for some it begs the question, if "I think, therefore I am" then what am I between thoughts? Hoo! Hoo! It's such an exquisite answer, though a pity that it cannot really be spoken of or described. You just notice, in that fleeting moment of wakefulness, and that's it.
  4. 您們好

    Hello Footpad! Thank you for the welcome! Hoo! Hoo! Dropping the words and getting back into your body! That's precisely what I've been looking to do, and on my own it has not gone so well. Spent a bit too much time living in my head. o.O; Anyway, thank you for the welcome!
  5. 您們好

    Hello everyone, My name is Rin. I am twenty-four years old, and I am from Canada. I am a former University studen who was studying Japanese, Mandarin, and Buddhism. For as long as I can remember, I have liked to ask questions and sometimes that has landed me in trouble (both with myself and other people). A questioning nature usually leads to the metaphysical, and along that way I came to trap myself in a lot of words and descriptions. The Way has always been an influence in my life, so it helped a great deal when it came to dealing with the breaking up of those words and descriptions (which was a painful series of events). I would like, perhaps, to one day become a Buddhist monk, but I'm not holding out on that dream any more. If it happens, it happens and that would be great. If it doesn't, then I won't be upset about it. 謝謝, Rin