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  1. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    @Optimystic In a highly existential sense, yes, you are correct. But in the real world we have to actually build this family. Unfortunately it doesn't exist in a practical, pragmatic, well-organized way yet. But I am working to change that. Come join me, friend, I want an honest, intelligent person like you on my team. Much love. @sinno Thank you, mate. I look forward to your participation. @Trash Filter That's excellent. You're an "old-timer", like some of my other partners and students. I'm happy you still find my work favorable and helpful. I'm cracking up over your meat bags slaves comment. LOL!
  2. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    Feel free to email me some photos at [email protected] I am planning on establishing a physical institute soon. Perhaps you'll be one of the first students.
  3. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    Hello Cat Pillar, I'm happy to have you as a member of the family. Please help me grow it. Together we can actually change the world.
  4. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    Thank you, Tony. I look forward to working together as we progress. Many good things are coming in your direction now.
  5. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    I am nobody's guru. If you don't like my message, then don't keep it up. I am a man on a mission to grow a company that can change the world, and using my platform for the right reasons. You can either join me, or try to criticize me from the sidelines. The choice is yours. I don't have time for people that have discomfort toward money or business. It's a fact of life. Anything else is a poverty mindset. P.S. You should be thanking me for applying my energy toward creating courses that teach practical psychic skills. Not trying to spite. Yours For REAL Results, Robert
  6. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    G'Day Mates, Your spiritual friend and teacher here, Robert Bruce. Why I'm Here Somebody mentioned that people were going to my website from this forum. So I'm here to check it out, and ask for your assistance. I don't know the administrator here, but I want them to get into contact with me. Please tell them to message me privately. Hope you don't mind me posting this appeal. I am here to ask all you to help me out on something very important: My students and I are building the biggest spiritual family on Earth. We want to change the world... to literally take it to the next level of evolution together. I've just started up my brand new video blog to begin transmitting visual training to students and practitioners everywhere on the planet. >>> Click here to sign up for this. It's FREE. Since I started, I've had people from every continent join. Please tell your friends to go to to get involved and participate. I need your help. Replying To Your Call For years, many of you have sent me emails, and messages and pleaded with me at seminars to do some online video courses, beyond my regular books and seminars. You asked for it, so now you're getting it! I have 4 online video courses in production right now, and we're releasing 1 every 4 months. Remember: 4x4. The topics you are going to learn are: 1. Mastering Astral Projection 2. Energy Work: Raising Kundalini, And Energizing Chakras 3. Defense Against The Dark Arts 4. Clairvoyance: Open Your 3rd Eye This gives you 120 days to complete the course, so you can move into the next one easily. This is a straight line into complete well-rounded psychic ability. And all of these programs are a part of my new product line, called, The Psychic Series: Parts 1-4. Online video is the best way for me to reach the most people, and it's the easiest way for you to learn from the comfort of your own home, or while traveling. And in the meantime, I have a new book and DVD releasing on February 1st. Click here to join, where you'll get alerts to keep you informed of what I'm doing. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to hang out much longer on this beautiful forum, because I'm so busy producing my programs, but I commend all of you for being so committed to spirituality. Please help me build the biggest spiritual family on Earth. Tell your friends to come join us at Thank you, administrator, for supporting me. I hope you find my writing pertinent to this forum. And private message me, because I want to discuss something. Thank you all very much! Best Wishes, Robert Bruce