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  1. Adrenal Fatigue/PE/Over Masturbation

    Very interesting, thanks for the site (& to the guy who also recommended it a few posts earlier also) Im going to try refrain from ejaculation for a while, gonna shoot for as long as I can get in hopes that my body will get back into balance like the guy from that excerpt. I'd like to get a few more opinions on the start/stop technique and if this is overall damaging to the neurological system even without reaching climax because Ive read conflicting opinions. Thanks everyone, keep the advice coming please.
  2. Hello all, Im currently a 20 yr old male. Growing up I had a terrible habit of over masturbating (3-5 times daily) for probably about 2 years and this started at Id say age 15-16, after that Id say about 2 times a day up until this year. I feel that this is the main cause to my premature ejaculation issues i face now as well as adrenal fatigue and Im looking for some type of relief from it i never knew about over masturbation until recently but now i need to know the way that i can recover the quickest. lately when i ejaculate all of my cum is all watery, it isnt that thick white substance that it should be which pretty much makes me think even more so that i have over masturbated for way too long. also what is everyones opinion on the start and stop technique? i was reading that the start and stop technique or "the big draw" is a good way to build up stamina but then i read conflicting ideas from a google search saying that in Taoist point of view it is still harmful since it will promote the standard inflammatory response for excessive prostaglandin E2, histamine, glutamate, epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, and burn androgen hormones and neurotransmitters. please any type of help that i can get will be a god send. thanks for taking time to read.
  3. Hey

    How is everyone? I am here in order to heal my premature ejaculation as well as overall adrenal fatigue. Have a huge interest in Eastern Medicine and hope to expand on my knowledge.