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  1. Yin Jing Tonics

    Rehmannia is also suppose to be a good yin tonic......I need yin as well , too much yang , has caused an emotional imbalance , also bad for the kidneys, i love all this healing stuff but i cant ever seem to kerep ther motivation to keep it going, ANY LADIES OUT THERE!!!!!!! ha
  2. Whats up everybody/ Celibacy

    What exactly is circulating the water wheel, and condensing the shen? thanks
  3. Whats up everybody/ Celibacy

    Hey everybody, Im new to the tao bums, I Have plenty of questions. Good to be on here, hope to build, meet some new folks, and discuss some positive topics. Im on the path of celibacy now to rebuild energy, which leads to my first ? , How long does it take to cure premature ejaculation lol. Peace