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  1. Encounters with the Nagual

    I found this thread 5 minutes ago and skimmed through the first page. I then navigated to youtube looking up a song called "neon bible" ... at the top of the page was a suggestion for a new castenada book ...
  2. Magnetic Qigong & Peter Ragnar

    I know this is a bit dated but this thread is how I found this forum in the first place so I wanted to add my .02 cents to the subject... I had practiced only a little basic beginner qi-gong in the past. Synchronized breathing while attempting to feel the qi points on my palms. I ordered the Peter Ragnar "magnetic qi-gong" program with the magnets and began practicing. Within a couple of days of steady practice I was able to feel the subtle magnetic push-pull emanating from my palms. One side of me thinks "Maybe its just like riding a bike and once you finally get it you've got it for good" ... the other part of me thinks "using the magnets accelerated it." Can I prove any of this OBJECTIVELY , no. Do I believe the magnets helped , yes.
  3. Greetings

  4. Greetings

    Thank you for this great website. I am an amateur when it comes to the Tao however , so far , I believe it speaks to me on many many different levels. I am an amateur qi-gong practitioner as well as many other things ... My name is Erick. hello