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  1. Tao meets the Druids

    Mel - So true! I still use a letterboard but infrequently. I find that if things aren't cleared and I'm not grounded/centered I can get some odd energies showing up. I think it's funny that ten years ago I started reading and studying taoism. Then I started with a pendulum a few years ago, started looking at druidism more, came to back to my study of Taoism just this month only to find a post on the Taoist board about Druidism and pendulums. It all makes sense!!!
  2. is enjoying the cold

  3. Hullo!

    Just saying a hearty hello. Been looking at and reading on the subject for years now. Just found this forum today. Looks like a healthy resource! Looking forward to learning more and meeting new people. ~Yote~