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  1. Dejected about my situation in modern Life

    I read about tao that one of its greatest attributes was the enjoyment and appreciation of nature and solitude. And I get it, makes sense. But it seems like it is also the most painful aspect of being that way...what do u do if the world around you is just constantly bombastic and loud? What is the value and point of having this "wonderful" attribute if it is also the constant source of pain and irritation? I hope this makes sense....someone please respond The soft always overcomes the hard, so why is the hard overcoming the soft in this case?
  2. Dejected about my situation in modern Life

    Okay, I have tried many of the suggestions above. I have been so INCREDIBLY patient. I have tried to have been compassionate. It's official. My family drives me fucking nuts. They will never change, have no respect or understanding for someone who is trying to. They trample over everything like a herd of elephants, they are loud, obnoxious, non zen in every way, and just don't know how to relate to human beings on a healthy and non-dysfunctional level. I swear to you, I am so often in the best most serene, calm and welcoming state of mind when I am by myself. I am happy to greet my family, but seconds later the shouting across the house takes place, my brother and Mom will inevitably flare up an argument over something incredibly stupid and pointless, and the 'move out of my way' mentality kicks in (which is so non -Wu Wei), and my heart sinks like lead in a matter of minutes. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to be calm and nice and pleasant around my family. Infact, the dynamic is such that they actually LIKE the arguing and will go out of their way to get a rise out of you if infact they do notice you are pleasant and peaceful. I am... not.. kidding. This place is filling me with anger and resentment, and is not good for me or my cultivation of my spiritual life. I have resigned myself to leaving as soon as the New Year comes (there is a party on New Years Eve, which I must attend with my...brother)..ugh. God help these people. I hope they change, but my reason knows they won't. My brother is a depressive, cynical, passive aggressive asshole, and my Mother would have no idea what 'mindfulness' was, if the goddamn Dalai Lama himself magically teleported and explained it to her on a freeking lotus flower. It just doesn't change. Ever. I am tired of giving them chance after chance. I'm done.
  3. How to find a Teacher?

    Wow! So many great responses. I never thought to maybe go to a Chinese store, living area, or food markets etc. I will have to look into that it's a great idea, and the best way to find authenticity from the source, no strings attached. I also am not incredibly familiar with the concepts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, though I know a little about them. It would make sense a group interested in Tai Chi may have a strong Tao influence. Bagua, Xingi, I have to research these things. I have no idea of what they are. The Buddhist Sanga is wonderful and the people are nice there, too. I will keep going there to learn and practice my meditation.
  4. How to find a Teacher?

    Hello, I am a 24 year old male, living in the Richmond area of the East Coast. I've recently gotten heavily into Taoism and decided I would like to further my path by finding a center and or some sort of teacher. Well, I've looked around the area and there is absolutely nothing...nothing regarding Tao anywhere. No centers, organizations, anything. There is an Ekoji Buddhist Sangha however that is very near by. I went to a zen meditation last week and think that I will continue to go to that place. How does one go about finding a Taoist teacher, instructor? Is this even a realistic goal for me to be having?
  5. Dejected about my situation in modern Life

    Thank you all for all the responses. I didn't expect so many. It is good to see so many people relate to a situation such as this. There is, for sure, a lot of good and different (varied) viewpoints and opinions) which I will absorb gradually over time. In the meantime, I thank you all for your thoughtful and many responses; and wish you all the best this time of year : )
  6. Mostly with my family. Mom and brother. I am beginning to find energy in new places and making new friends who are on the same wavelength. The Tao wavelength. But even then I think, its hard. There are so many masses out there who just don't care about the Way. Then I come back to my family. I love my family, but I also cannot be near them for too long. I find myself in a bad situation now because I am home for the holidays. My mother is a very forceful, non natural kind of person. I've felt since coming home that its been near impossible to maintain my simple way of life, as this house is full of junk and, noise. My mother doesn't understand the concept of go with the flow and let go and things will naturally fall into place. She is a very stressful person and the atmosphere I am forced to live in is rubbing off and affecting my inner mindstate. It is just increasingly difficult as I feel I am becomming more like them the longer I am here. And I've worked so hard to move myself out of that spot.
  7. Hello

    Hello, I am new to this place. I didn't think there would be a Tao forum, but, glad there is one. What can I say, other than that I am grateful for finding kind souls to commune with, even if it is just online. Glad somebody understands.