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  1. longevity or realization. is there a difference?

    hmm. no disrespect intended. How do you know they are realized beings? That's assuming an awful lot. The mark of a guru being realized is that you check out his/her students. A gurus purpose is to teach and transmit to you something that helps to get where you have to be. I don't see that at all, no matter how many years of book learning and chanting you do. Its a case of recognition i suppose and there are very few that have 'IT' words and deep erudition just fill the mind with a whole lot of complicated junk and by golly the Tibetan Buddhists are masters at it and as an afterthought. no one i know has come back re-incarnated and said hi. So so really takes suspension of common sense to believe that too
  2. longevity or realization. is there a difference?

    thanks for a quick comeback. strange as it may seem, my personal experiences are pretty common. Read Harding's material on "having no head". He got lucky in getting sudden realization which you don't get by doing Bagua. or sucking up to a whole lot of snake oil salesmen who will sell you instant nirvana enter credit card please. There are an awful lot out there. Chi Kung and Taoism is the current flavor, that has displaced Yoga. Interesting really since most of the real masters got wiped out by Mao and his Red Guards. But if you are Chinese you have the be the real thing Haha
  3. longevity or realization. is there a difference?

    Actually its all about signposts on the way. BTW I am not going to diss anyone but i will simply tell my story. This was prevoked by reading a post that wasn't very complimetary about Lama Surya Das because he had exposure to Kashmir Shaivism (Hindu) and Tibetan Buddhism (Buddhism). He is way up in my estimation as a seeker. Mine starts with being in an orphanage at 4 years of age and sitting watching the dandelion clocks putting out parachutes in an afternoon breeze and being filled with wonder. or lying in a field of waving grass and red poppies on the South Coast and watching a skylark on the breeze singing its heart out. or meeting Fr. Killian Lynch or the Order of Carmelites who was a saint by any definition which such humility. Or going to an open session at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain where the psycic walked up to me and said she could see a person in orange robes standing behind me smiling and she was kind of put out. The going to a session held in a flat near Hyde park and seeing all these people chanting to a picture of Swami Muktananda and i wanted to high tail it out of there. Then operating a camera when Swami Venkatesananada visited London and I was spaced out so much I couldnt focus. All milestones. Then... kashmir shaivism talks about a blue pearl which is the real you and is the vehicle of the soul for migration to wherever when you take your leave from this coil. I had to rush home to Wales from Toronto a while back was my brother was dying. Just made it in time with 12 hours to spare because I was big brother. When it was time to go, i saw this amazing blue pearl come from him, cycle around the room as if looking for a direction, then leave. Another milestone. Well that's it for now. there are a lot of other milestone I have come across, but like most people caught up in consumerism I am only just getting it. No labels please because they are meaningless and the last thing i want to happen is someone to convince me that this being or creed is the way to get it. Not. That you cannot describe cannot be figured out by the mind, and you cant get it from amazon.com LOL
  4. why do taoists want to prolong life with all the wierd practises they carry out?. why cant the dalai lama give you liberation when he says that he has nothing to give you? am not into marketing dvds or books, just see a lot of lost people on the site and maybe if i share some of the things i hvave been through it might just help.