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  1. Plato's sex pills

    fox spirit attack also
  2. Jung Personality Test

    bump..I scored as an INTP. Introverted 89% Intuitive 50% Thinking 1% Perceiving 44%. I'm pretty sure my thinking preference has changed closer to feeling over the years as a result of spiritual practice - but this seems pretty consistent with me. Cool.
  3. Do Ya'll guys drink?

    Dark beer and red wine have similar health benefits. Occasionally I'll indulge in scotch (family heritage ), but that tends to dull the practice!
  4. So What does Tao say about attachment/desire

    Thank you, Wuji.
  5. So What does Tao say about attachment/desire

    Interesting! Is there any distinction between attachment and desire? And also unhealthy vs healthy desire? Haha, I mean to invite it.
  6. I've had some Buddhist input on this recently regarding grasping and attachment and the utilization of wrathful compassion to pierce through it. But the Buddhist path seems like a very bitter medicine to me alot of times, so I was wondering what a taoist perspective is on this!
  7. Kunlun Level 3

    It's thumb and middle finger on the left hand and thumb and ring finger on the right hand. Yes, thumb and forefinger is rp3
  8. "Manifesting"

    Typically I don't read all of Vajrahridaya's postings, because of what I see as the characteristic over developed mental body of certain Buddhists - but in this case I think he was on to something in exposing these neo-spiritual "principles" as solipism. So cheers to him!
  9. Alternative High Cholesterol Remedies?

    You need cholesterol to make hormones. 160-200 is a healthy range for it. Look at your LDL/HDL ratio.
  10. Making the penis bigger

    lol! So how do you deal with rejections or games? It seems like I lose my practice and focus completely.. sry to hijack!
  11. Mucuna Pruriens is a natural source of l-dopa. Along with all the other plant compounds it seems to avoid some of the downfalls of synthetic/isolated l-dopa. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15548480