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  2. Please be aware that http://www.easterninternalarts.org/ is no longer active but http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ is always working, For those who want to contact me, you can send a message through my website contact page.

  3. 1. Bodhi Light Retreat I - Healing Study Retreat (7 days, full day training)- Colorado, USA Dates: August 14th-20th, Sunday through Saturday, seven day retreat. Retreat content: Bodhi Light Retreat I is the first of six retreats intended to train great potential healers. The retreat content will be focused on earth energy healing, with the methods that have been taught to me by my celestial masters. In this seven day retreat, we are not only going to learn some great healing methods, but also will test and experience the function and healing power from these methods. Through connecting us with Mother Earth and the universe we can enhance the knowledge of our own existence and benefit others. The retreat is only available to those who have attended at least one of Sifu Jenny Lamb's seminars, or retreats or have purchased and practiced from the Qigong for Self-Healing DVD, and want to take their study further. Registration is due by April 30. Retreat space is limited so it will be first come, first served. For additional information and to register, send a message to [email protected] 2. Yi gong seminar – Yigong level one and two: 13.5 hours. - Colorado, USA Date: September 1, Friday evening 7:30-9:00pm lectures. September 2nd and 3rd , Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm 6 hours a day for two days teaching and training. Cost: $550/per person, room and board are provided. Registration by May 31st. Anyone interested should contact Sifu Jenny Lamb at [email protected] 3. Survey: There are people asking for online Yigong classes. If there is enough interest I will consider it in the future. It will be 12 hours teaching in Saturday and Sunday for Yigong level one only. Cost: $250/per person. Anyone interested should contact Sifu Jenny Lamb at [email protected] http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  4. Spirituality and Drugs

    I have finished 10 days entity removal and healing work for a client from Europe recently. By treating so many entity issues, what I see is that many of them are caused by wrong view and false longings. These can be prevented. I sincerely hope someday this client is brave enough to share his experience of how he brought his serious entities to himself and how much suffering he has gone through. It may alert others and offer a good wake up call to those who are looking for easy success. Ignorance is the worst enemy one wishes to have. From helping people, I also see someone who played with black magic almost lost his life. To live well, proper understanding and right longing are very important. Therefore, I am here humbly sharing some of my views to correspond with questions asked from my Facebook. I hope it can benefit a few good listeners. Question: Dear Sifu Jenny, Can you please share your insight about spiritual growth and the use of drugs? What are the energetic implications, effect on Qi, Mind and how is this related to entities issues? When you treat a patient who is addicted to drugs, are there certain energetic symptoms you find only in drug users that are not found in non users? How about people who are not smoking but affected by people smoking around them, is there any energetic effect too? I see these days that it is becoming very popular and many who are interested in spiritual growth tell me it is great for development, but personally I have become convinced for both short term and long term it is not. Although I am not using any drugs I wish to have better understanding on its implications and mainly the energetic effects as there seems to be a lot of confusion around it these days as this is becoming more and more popular. Another view that I hear is that many of the ancient masters in the past used these psychedelic plants to evolve spiritually. Is there any view of ancient masters in daoism and buddhism who used it and considered it beneficial? I hope this may help bring a better clarity on the subject and help others who ask these same questions, perhaps asking themselves if they should stop smoking or not. Thank you very much for your time to answer. With Gratitude and Blessings, Answer: Thank you for asking such important questions and thank you, Tom, for sharing your direct self-experience and knowledge (Tom's comments are on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/). Your answers are thorough and insightful. I don't think I have anything to add from the user's perspective. Spirituality and drugs are a critical and sensitive topic for me to talk about in the West, because they are so popular with many followers. Yet, it is vital to have a proper understanding, especially for spiritual seekers. Therefore, I am going to stress this topic, from the perspective of spirituality (the view of Buddhism and Taoism) and as a healer, my observation of entity hosts related to using drugs. Spirituality: Buddhism teaches three things: discipline, concentration and wisdom. Discipline brings mindfulness to our actions and wards off unwholesome actions of body, speech and mind. It is to prevent transgressions. Sufficient discipline leads to good concentration and good concentration leads to wisdom. Wisdom gets rid of delusion, leads to liberation and the truth. Prajñāpāramitā (the Perfection of Wisdom) sutra, the heart sutra: "The Avalokiteśvara (Guanyin) Bodhisattva of compassion, while in profound contemplation of Prajna Paramita, beheld five skandhas (aggregates) as empty in their being and thus transcended all suffering." Profound and transcendent wisdom takes one to the other shore, the shore free from all suffering, which can only be attained through cultivation and practicing of meditation and contemplation. Liberation through wisdom is declared in all Buddhist sutras. There is no mention that drugs can help spiritual growth. In fact, they are refrained from, because they would prevent mindfulness, cause neglectfulness and interrupt the development of an enlightened mind. When inertness, neglectfulness and illusion arise the mode of ignorance predominates. Taoism includes philosophical and religious traditions, both highlighting living in harmony with the Tao (way). Philosophical Taoism was presented by Laozi. It promotes the formless, mystical, and origin of all things. It is ultimately ineffable, therefore, "the Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao". Philosophical Taoism emphasizes Wu Wei, (the effortless action, or action without intent), or Wei Wu Wei, (action without action). It asserts that one must follow the will of the natural universe in order to achieve harmony with the great Tao. Religious Taoism, on the other hand, sees divine manifestation in all things, sun, moon, stars, mountains, oceans and so forth, and features reverence for Laozi, immortals and ancestors. Their study is involved in almost every field: cosmology, astrology, divination, exorcism rituals, alchemy, Traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui, Qigong etc. and most of all is a quest for longevity or immortality. A Taoist sutra states that those whose body and mind follow the laws of nature, practice only the Tao (way), and serve the Tao (way) as a profession are called Taoist (身心顺理,唯道是从,从道为事,故称道士). This is referring to professionals, for those who follow the Taoist doctrine and practice its approaches are Taoist practitioners. Thus, practicing the way and promoting nature is the core of Taoism. Alchemy is considered to be a main practice of religious Taoism. It includes Neidan and Waidan, or internal alchemy and external alchemy. Generally speaking, practicing alchemy refers to internal alchemy, focusing on cultivating substances of body known as the three treasures, e.g. Jing (life essence), Qi (vital energy) and Shen (spiritual energy). The four stages of Neidan (internal alchemy) practice are Zhu ji (or establish foundation), convert the Jing to Qi, convert the Qi to Shen, and return the Shen to its origin (or unify the Shen to the great void). It is energetic meditative practice. Waidan (external alchemy) refers to anything produced from outside of the body, such as elixirs which are produced from alchemical operations with external substances (cinnabar, realgar, mercury, sulfur, lead, etc). Many of these substances are actively toxic and far from contributing to longevity. It caused the death of the Jiajing Emperor in the Chinese Ming Dynasty. The Elixir of Life (pill of immortality) becomes the extinction of life (pill of life shortening). The true expression of external alchemy is referring to moving energy that exists outside of body. The Alchemy classics say that to obtain internal alchemy is primary and seeking the external is secondary. Only when internal alchemy is established, then you can absorb and fuse external alchemy (moving energy). Therefore, a true spiritual growth is always from within. Taking drugs for a short cut or easy way out is no more than obtaining an experience of curiosity. It could only satisfy your fantasy or be a temporary escape from this reality, but you are led astray without knowing. Getting deeper into this mind state is called Zou Huo Ru Mo 走火入魔(deviation)in Taoism. The following illustrations that I encountered related with using drugs can be a good example to respond to your question: Example 1: A person had an issue with no sensations from his neck down. He claimed he was a practitioner with great realizations and used to travel to different dimensions. He used to do meditation with hallucinatory plants and had used them more than a hundred times and now he could not feel anything except his head. He sought help everywhere, especially from different traditions, but nothing helped. Example 2: One who thinks that he possibly has an entity in him, because, for over a decade, he has had a lot of the same symptoms that I point out in my article "Entity Issues". He has not been getting any answers from either Western or Eastern medical professionals. He also sought out help from bioenergetics healing. He said nothing really worked until he took Ayahuasca. He believed that Ayahuasca helped his physical issues. But a week later he was committed to a mental institution. Now he sees some physical problems restarting again and mental worries in many aspects and degrees. I don't want to go into all the details. In fact, Ayahuasca created a psychiatric break for him. Yet, he still believes that he had a lot of deep realizations from it. Illusion was dominating his mind. Example 3: Someone coming to me for entity removal said he was in perfect health until he took Ayahausca. He claimed the journey was guided by a troubled shaman and left him in between worlds. Since then, he has trouble sleeping and wakes with nightmares. There is a lot of blame for others that he believes caused his entity issues. In fact, the entity has been around him for a while but could not enter his body because of his strong personality. When he took the trip for an Ayahausca journey, he was influenced by his entity. As soon as his mind was taken over by Ayahausca, the entity entered his body instantly. Example 4: A young man went to a well know shaman for entity removal. Healing was applied with some of these hallucinatory plants. Plants did not remove his entity and instead brought him some other physical issues. All that exists has its purpose in the world. Their structure, function and regulations are different. Some may coexist in the same space without conflict due to each following its own pathway to abide by. To be born as a human being, it may be wise to maximum your human potentiality first, instead of longing for something that you are not and having no idea what you are getting yourself into. Being human is valuable because of the uniqueness of our consciousness. We can make a choice. If we lose our consciousness, we lose the value of ourselves. Spiritual growth is referring to enhancing and enriching our ability toward awakening or moving up to a higher realm. If such plants or drugs or entities create confusion and destroy mindfulness, I do not see any benefit from a spiritual perspective. When your mind is distorted, you lose proper perceptions as a human being. You see sky is not sky, see earth is not earth, see water is not water. You become different beings, a ghost who does not see water as water, but as fire. When your mind cannot function and discern your situation correctly, your sensors perform erroneously. While helping people with their entity related issues, when I see people's condition getting worse but hear them say that "I feel better" after entity removal is attempted unsuccessfully, I often ask, if you are getting better, why do you come to me for help? Actually, their mind is confused and sensors are disordered and cannot know the difference. Typically, after each failure of entity removal, the body gets tighter, heavier, and harder to breathe. There's a lack of oxygen going to the brain due to the entity cutting the source of their blood supply out of fear of what they did to get rid of them. The body becomes weaker and mind becomes more absent. How can there be any improvement as the result of a failed attempt? "How about people who are not smoking but affected by people smoking around them, is there any energetic effect too?" Yes, it will have an energetic effect, depending on the level of smoke and the tolerance of the person. I know a friend who got a new job in an environment associated with marijuana in Colorado. Her mind suddenly shutdown and she was unable to function and felt very miserable. Quitting her job became her only solution and that is what she did. "When you treat a patient who is addicted to drugs, are there certain energetic symptoms you find only in drug users that are not found in non users?" Those addicted to stimulants often show extreme emotionality and energy swings. Fighting their addiction will take more willpower, extra effort and support for them. I've found that those who used hallucinatory plants are more agitated and defensive if you say that what they perceived is illusion. They are convinced that the drugs gave them deep realizations and that they had a journey to a higher realm or a different dimension. Even if the vision horrified them, they deny that it was an illusion. They do not see that their experience was a hallucination and the result of the drug's influence. Moreover, they begin to suffer from health issues as a side effect of the drugs. Their system begins to shut down. In this case, if one does not admit to a false view and wrong doing, it cannot be helped. Blindly believing is unwholesome action. A reality check can be very helpful. To identify whether your connection is with a higher realm or lower realm can be seen from the following: If your connection is with a higher realm (you do not need drugs for that), your body should feel lighter and brighter. You are full of Yang Qi. Your life is brightened. People around you feel comfortable and healing. You feel energetic, look younger, healthier and have more wisdom. You have a tendency to want to share your wisdom with others. The gift from higher beings is mainly two things: energy and wisdom. They commonly come with a group. Generosity is their nature. You feel safe. That given by them will never be involved with an exchange. As a matter of fact, there is nothing you can offer that will be of interest to them. But your virtue is a precondition for them to care to help you. If you are chosen for a higher purpose, they will protect you. Your life span could only increase not decrease. Your connection with them will not be broken (their support for you will be for your lifetime, which is merely a couple of days of their time), unless you become virtueless and lose your way. If your connection is from a lower realm, everything is the opposite. Without drugs your journey ends (usually, drugs influence can last a few hours to a few days after each use). Connected with lower beings (entities), your health will gradually decline. Your body feels heavier and Yin Qi dominates. Your mind does not function properly and you have a hard time concentrating. Often, you have negative thoughts and prefer being alone and have social anxiety. You look unhealthy, older than your age, surrounded with dark force. People feel uncomfortable around you. You have a lack of wisdom, are always suspicious of others, feel very insecure and have a tendency to attack others. You will gradually develop depression, unbalanced emotions, and fear for no reason. Between you and your entity, exchange is an absolute request, your energy for their help. Your life span will decrease. For the above reasons, whether for a short-term or long-term, I do not find psychedelic plants or drugs help spiritual growth, nor heal those patients that I encountered. On the contrary, I found that the hallucinatory drugs distort people's mind and damage their nervous system. For long term use, it is more harmful than what one wishes for. For short term use, it may produce a unique experience to satisfy one's curiosity (still, it depends on individuals, some experiencing more suffering than joy) but it does not produce an awakened mind. Some even pollute one's Qi and blood. I am not saying these plants are not good for anything or anything is wrong with them. It is the users who made a wrong choice for their purpose. You must know what you are doing and what you getting yourself involved in. There are many better options and less harmful than using drugs. We live on our choices and are responsible for our choices. Proper understanding is crucial for spiritual development. Longing for what and how to get it leads to different paths. If you are longing for something external, the true external energy (outside of self) that can profit you only comes from a higher source or higher realm. According to Buddhism, the higher realm above human is the God realm or beings that are beyond our cyclic realms such as Bodhisattvas or Buddhas. In Taoism, the higher realm is Xianjie仙界or the immortal realm. Taking (internal use) hallucinatory plants for magic will not lead you to a higher realm. In ancient times, to contact higher realms, some masters used (external use) many fragrant plants or materials to make incense, along with the highest valued elements from this world to conduct offering ceremonies. It is for establishing connections with higher beings for their guidance (wisdom) or help (to defuse worldly disasters), normally led by the Emperor or an accomplished master of religion. For individuals, this is practiced on a small scale for a personal request. The offering is for the purpose of creating a pathway to send a message. Your offering is a presentation of your heart with highest value to you. Hopefully it will be received by some higher individuals and get their response. Be aware, they don't pity you because you are less fortunate. Causality regulates the universe. Your pure heart and virtue are the condition to motivate them to pay attention to you, or if you are an individual who is willing to make an extraordinary effort to change your life for the better, you may have a chance to succeed. They help you if you deserve their help, not to become greedier and more self-centered. When your connection is established, the generosity from above is truly given. The true spiritual development is the transformation of consciousness into wisdom. Buddhists practice faith, effort, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment (wisdom), known as the five strengths in order to control the five sensory faculties (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body) and put a spotlight on the Enlightenment path. Learning from others' experiences and taking others' failures as a mirror of our future could prevent many unnecessary mistakes in our life. I hope that Tom's and my little sharing can be of benefit to some who are walking on the right spiritual path. Be happy, be healthy and be wise! Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  5. I don’t know what you mean by “sharing presence/light”. Do you mean your presence scared the entity away or that you did energy healing on someone that made his/her entity leave the person? How do you know the person even had an entity? How do you know the entity left and later on returned or not? I don’t know what you did or the situation or if there was an entity in the person, so I really cannot answer your question. In my experience, if you know what you are doing, it is impossible for the entity to return to the person after being removed. In most so call return cases, people don’t know what they are doing, the entity never left in the first place. Or sometimes people think they have an entity issue and maybe not. One example, someone came to me for a consultation and felt an urgent need for an entity removal. He said that he tried to do energy healing for a client and now the entity from the client attached to him. He experienced a weird body sensation day and night and could not sleep at all. Many people told him he had an entity in him. In fact, he did not have an entity in him. He had a serious energy leaking issue. Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  6. Manners

    Good manners open doors. Pursuing anything starts with good manners. One’s expression displays one’s upbringing. If you want to study with someone or get help from someone, try to be a little humble and polite. I often get emails with no salutation and no signature from those wanting to study with me and to attend to my retreats. Or emails demanding an answer as soon as possible, or sending his and his pets pictures to me with the attitude that they want to see what I can see and how good I am, or tell me what a big meditator they are and I don’t resonate with them but they need my help to remove an entity… What a world we are living in? I used to think English is a very polite language and Western people have higher education and are very well-mannered. Becoming a healer I see more sides of people than as a teacher. I start to understand all the teachings that I have received, and the truth about mindfulness of cause and effect, and why I was chosen to be a dharma healer. Someone asked me whether I feel burdened with such an ability of healing. If you take it personally, absolutely it is, but my training is to be impersonal. Birth and death flows in between. I am walking on my path with sharing. Hopefully, we all can be trained with better manners for our own sake. 天命之謂性,率性之謂道,修道之謂教。“That which is ordained by Tian (God, a spiritual deity, heaven) is called nature; to follow that nature is called the way; to cultivate the way is called teaching.” (Zhongyong 中庸,The Doctrine of the Mean, one of the four books of Confucian philosophy) Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  7. Good intentions. Thank you, Jeff. Spending time answering people is not just to respond to one person but also for the intention of shedding light for others to have a proper understanding. I have helped a lot of people with entity issues and also seen some of them get worse after many attempted wrong methods. In one case that I helped, three attempts before me caused her whole family trouble. After battling for survival, the entity was getting stronger with more attacks on the host responding to each exorcism. Agitation and anger make the entity want revenge on anyone in the family who wanted to get rid of him/it. But I don’t want say too much to mislead people in any direction. Cause and effect is natural law, it applies to everyone.
  8. For what purpose? If you are interested in learning, make an effort and find a teacher that you have faith and trust in and dedicate your life to it, so that you won't only have a superficial knowledge. It is harmful to both patient and oneself by pretending who one is not. It can only make things worse. If you have an entity issue yourself. I suggest that you find help with sincerity. I cannot see how you are able to remove it by yourself, since it becomes a part of you. If they are not more powerful than you, they cannot attach to you. Many people think it is easy, just give a command. You can try.
  9. For what purpose? If you are interested in learning, make an effort and find a teacher that you have faith and trust in and dedicate your life to it, so that you won't only have a superficial knowledge. It is harmful to both patient and oneself by pretending who one is not. It can only make things worse. If you have an entity issue yourself. I suggest that you find help with sincerity. I cannot see how you are able to remove it by yourself, since it becomes a part of you. If they are not more powerful than you, they cannot attach to you. Many people think it is easy, just give a command. You can try.
  10. Yuanfen 缘份

    All things arise due to causes and conditions. I often recommend that people find a teacher if they are serious about pursuing their path, because a human life is too valuable and too short, that one cannot afford to be wasted. Then how do you know if someone is the right teacher for you? Yuanfen 缘份 plays very big part of your choice. Yuanfen is an invisible connection between two people for any relationship according to Chinese philosophy. The choice of teacher and the choice of teaching or practice are also tied to Yuanfen. Yuan gives you a chance for the encounter. Fen fruit from the attraction force of the encounter. Lack of Yuan, you will not encounter. Lack of Fen, the encounter doesn't bring any near result. A little Fen, carries some, but not lasting result. If we do not have a good Yuanfen to connect with a good teacher, what can we do to change that? The path of Virtue closes the gap. Faith, willingness and action bring the binding force. The question is how strong your desire is and how much effort you are willing to take to get there? In general, we are so easy to believe ourselves and so hard to trust anyone else. Without trust and humility you will not receive any useful knowledge from the teacher you study with. Maybe learning it hard way is inevitable. Life always gives a good lesson, no matter what. A wise man has good eyes to perceive unseen treasures and acquire it with total faith, respect and trust in the guidance of his or her teacher. An intelligent man may not be able to see what a wise man sees, but is intelligent enough to follow or imitate what the wise man does. From my own experience, how much your teacher means to you is how much benefit you will get from them. What you receive is proportional to what you offer. If your mind is always full of doubts or contrary thoughts about your teacher or his/her teaching and you are not willing to change yourself, it is sign of lack of trust and faith. You are not suited for each other at that time. Either, he or she is not the right teacher for you or you are not ready for them. Chinese call this as the lack of Yuanfen. It’s the same with healing. That people can be helped or not is Yuanfen. I don’t know who said it but I agree, “Good health is not a gift, but an accomplishment.” Indeed, it takes effort to produce a good result. Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  11. Can you explain what you do or how it works? Do you "push" the other being from the body? I cannot tell you what I do, there is no fixed technique. The method is to be given according to the specific entity or its issues. Even within entity issues, there are more kinds than you have a lifetime to learn. It’s a big category that may include ordinary, mischievous, revenge seeking, demons, powerful from many lifetimes endeavor and vital energy cultivation (lost by incorrect thinking) and so forth. They come to you from different sources for different purposes with different means. Without knowing the root cause, the type of entity and their preference, I would not be able to treat anyone and liberate them. Similar methods may be used for preparation and healing (entity removal treatment includes three stages: preparation, removal and healing), but I have not repeated a remedy once for my entity removal. I am not an entity killer. One deadly weapon may kill all, but patients and I will be included. The debts of killing will be carried life after life. No peace can be found by killing. I believe all life has a reason to exist. I help people by request, trust and willingness to make effort. I make a settlement if the entity after you wanted revenge. I liberate beings by sending them to where they come from or a better place if they choose. To help a life, the knowledge and the remedy that suits each individual case is vital. Misleading people or self-deceiving is a sign of ignorance. You cannot push any beings to leave if they don’t want to. You must have a good reason to make them willingly to leave with your assistance (your power, merit and virtue) for exchange. Otherwise after winning the battle fighting with you, they are getting stronger and patients are becoming weaker.
  12. Self-Healing

    All existence in the world is in the process of these four stages of formation, abidance, destruction and emptiness. A surgeon friend said this to me, “people confuse disease with life”. Indeed, you can cure disease but you cannot cure life. A life cannot last forever, but if you take good care of it, it will last longer and you can have a better quality life. Practicing Qigong, or any other exercises and periodic health checks are all for the purpose of prevention and maintenance. Healing and treatments are secondary. But often, I get questions such as, can Yigong cure this cancer or that incurable disease, or, “I’ve had this serious issue for a while and doctors cannot find anything wrong with me from CT and EEG tests. Can Yigong heal me, or is it safe for me to practice Yigong? This is serious. Please answer me as fast as possible”, etc… Ask yourself one question, where were you before you were so desperate? If it is an emergency, go to ER. I am neither your teacher nor your doctor, why should I think that you care anything about what I have to say? Maybe answering you is just a waste of my time and you are just collecting opinions to see which one you like to hear the most, since it comes free. The Art of Life said: “The saints treated disease before it came, stopped chaos before it formed. … When disease has become reality, then give medicine; when chaos has become the problem, then try to stop it. However, that is just like digging a well when one feels thirsty, or forging weapons after becoming engaged in battle, ‘Are not these actions too late?’ ” (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine) Self-healing through Qigong or any other exercises is self-doing. It takes effort and determination. Waiting until the last minute to save yourself by yourself is not mission impossible, but the question is if it is possible for you? Are you up to the task and hard work? When you have energy you are lazy or don’t care to do any exercise or have no time to do anything. Now you are sick and don’t have energy and you still have no time because you cannot choose your priorities wisely, what can you do? Complaining about teachers or practices will not save you. Only the willingness and effort can show you a way. If you are willing to give all your strength with every fiber of your body to fight with your illness day after day, you may see a light. Three stage of self-healing, choose wisely: 1. Prevention and maintenance: the best healing is prevention. To keep your body balance is to maintain your health, longevity and avoid illness. 2. Early stage: Healing as early as possible when you detect your problems. A stitch in time saves nine. 3. Survival stage: you have to be willing to make effort for whatever it takes for survival without condition. Many cancer patients have been cured by Qigong in China, because they stayed in a park doing Qigong the whole day long, every day. Are you up to that? Faith creates strength. Put trust in yourself and practice under good guidance is the proper way to go. P.S. I want to point out that people who have entity issues should not do any energetic practice. It will not help you in the long run, because people who are possessed by an entity are normally dominated by it. The entity will channel your practice and results. The benefits will not be going to you but to it. Removing the entity or entities is the priority before any healing can take place. Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  13. To save people's lives and to remove their entities without harming the entities is a big responsibility. Am I successful at not harming any entities during removal from a human body? I am not totally sure myself, but it is always my intention to not harm a life of any kind. After I helped a woman in China a few months ago by removing her entity, my master told me that "You are more famous in the other world than this world. You do not harm other beings (entities), so in future there will be more other beings will come to you for help or for justice. A judge's robe is on you now. You are a famous judge and dharma healer to them." What an honor to hear these words from my masters. If I truly did not harm others during my work, I am blessed. But I know an accident can happen. I ask forgiveness every time when I do my work just in case. Intention, intention, intention… Removing the entity from a young Chinese woman was a very extraordinary experiment for me. I probably should not use the word of "removing". Rather, I solved an entangled case of someone's past life, by convincing this male being to leave her willingly. It was a lover's case across the world. Every case is different. The more cases I encounter, the more knowledge I gain. Without seeing all these cases, it would not be possible to know all these worlds and their beings. In most entity involved cases, the entity is singular in the host body, but I have seen multiple entities in several cases, such as this young college student. He encountered these entities by accident. With multiple entities, they are commonly consuming the host's energy faster than a single entity. Of course, it is not an equation. Some powerful singular entities can be deadly harmful, especially, if it is related with karmic revenge issues. To help my patients is one thing, to be a dharma healer is the other. I try to be a good dharma healer by healing people's physical problems and showing them a way to make the best out of this life, as my teachers showed me. Helping people, I become an observer. It is quite an experience to learn how to be a part of something that is way bigger than my own being. On the other hand, I am them and they are me. There is no difference in the big picture. Small waves shape themselves and merge into a vast ocean. Each birth and death constantly manifests itself without knowing, but driven by karma. I see myself helping some and not others, just like my masters chose me and not others. I remember my master often said to me that "you cannot save everyone. It is not your business." Indeed, it is everyone's own choice. To see the choice and effort that this young college student made, I very much see a younger myself in him, so easy to make a big decision for life and so determined to carry it through. The power of will dominates his being. I didn't expect everything to happen so fast within his decision. He was so independent and determined. From the day he contacted me while I was in China to the consultation and treatment, everything happened in less than a month. A self-supported college student convinced me to help him right away, because of extreme headaches he could not bear to wait. I can see his future, that whatever he decides to do he will be successful. Faith, trust and taking responsibility for one's own life is a good quality of a man. It always will be respected. I remember Rabbi Miles Krassen, my teacher in religious studies when I was in graduate school, once said to me, "a good soul can recognize a good soul." There is a patient who is planning her one month treatment with me for her health issues. I requested her to make a good arrangement so that she can leave everything behind and focus on her healing and recovery during this minimum treatment time. I mentioned how dedicated this young college student was, that I requested him to not bring his school work to my home, but follow my instruction for healing, nurturing, and practice, and he did two to three times what I requested for his daily practice. She said to me that I understand that you want all your patients like him. YES, I DO! I want all my work to be successful as my professional goal. But most of all I want all my patients to be happy with the choice they made. It is not because of how good I am, but because of how good they are. They are the ones that changed their life with their choice and effort. I am just the right encounter at the right time for them. Many people who have contacted me know that I don't waste my breath to convince anyone to come to me for help. I'm not after money, I serve life. If your money is bigger than your life, you can keep it. We all have to pay our debts one way or the other. And I don't treat people who have no sincerity or care about being helped, no matter what you can pay. Money cannot buy me. Your money pays your own debts. Cause and effect plays its own roll in all existence.
  14. Energy Healing

    Energy is one of three treasures, Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi), Spirit (Shen) that compose the human body. These are the theoretical cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist healing arts practices. The balance of these three Jewels is not only used to diagnose one’s health but also used for healing by bringing them into balance. Energy healing comprises two aspects, self-healing and healing by others. Self-healing is making an effort by doing energetic practice such as Qigong exercises or Tai chi or Yoga or others. These self-healing practices play a major role in the prevention and treatment of some chronic illnesses. For self-healing, Sifu Jenny Lamb’s DVD “Qigong for Self-Healing, Series I” is a great presentation to support that effort. It provides substantial guidance to assist you to achieve your goal of Self-healing. Healing by others is receiving energy from others. It is a most direct, fast and effective healing, if the healer is powerful. Sometimes, when a person is too weak to make effort on one’s own, energy healing from others is the best option for a quick recovery. Bio energy is one of the vital elements that support our life. It is our vitality and we cannot live without it. A person, who has a lack of energy, is like withered flowers. Energy brings light and freshness to our existence. Bio energy comes from two primary sources, prenatal and postnatal. Prenatal is what we are born with, inherited from our parents. Postnatal comes from our food, drink, air, heaven and earth, etc. The energy from food takes a long time to process to become bio energy to sustain our life. If a person has severe fatigue or energy deficiency, bio energy transmitted from others is the fastest way to bring one’s energy level up, in order to stimulate one’s own ability for healing. Nevertheless, energy healing is far beyond just bringing one’s energy up. The therapeutic effect of energy healing treatment can help to change physiological and biochemical function of a patient and to promote rehabilitation of body through regulating and changing pathological factors or processes. It is etiological treatment, aimed at eliminating the primary pathogenic factor, and cure from the root. With a powerful healer, the healing energy can repair one’s physical and mental damage, treat illness, and balance one’s systems. Most of all, a great healer can give you a proper diagnosis and conduct healing through repairing your causal body and bring your autoimmune system back to proper functioning. Hence, one can truly recover from the root cause of the illness. Right diagnosis and treating the illness from the root cause is the fundamental quality of a great healer. For more information about energy healing or the service of energy healing, please contact Sifu Jenny Lamb at www.EasternInternalArts.com. She offers energy healing in person or at a distance. She has helped many people worldwide who have issues that cannot be helped by modern medical science, especially those who have entities, spirit, karmic issues, energy leaking, fatigue and difficult diseases. Testimonies and additional information can be found at the above website.
  15. Entity Issues

    Since I started to offer energy healing services, I have been dealing with a lot of entity issues. Commonly, people come to me with energy issues or issues that haven’t been helped by medical science for years. But quite often, I have found their health problems are related with entities. It surprised me how many people I have helped with these issues. It is supposed to be rare. Now these cases are increasing. It is astonishing to see that entity issues can happen to anyone in any degree with any problems, e.g. severe fatigue, food intolerances, depression, anxiety, stomach pain, nervous system disorder, tumors, etc. The worse part of this is that it is almost impossible to detect at the beginning when someone has it. Only when one’s health starts to decline rapidly, the entities become visible to those who have special abilities. Since it cannot be detected by any medical device, one cannot be treated by medical science. I have often heard from my clients that their doctor cannot find anything wrong with them or don’t know why the treatment doesn’t work. Even if sometimes their suffering has momentary relief in response to a treatment or an operation, but quickly comes back with a worse condition or bigger tumor years later. It becomes a vicious cycle. The weaker you become, the harder it is to go for help. Often, when the entity is aware that you have found the right source to remove it, it will try to stop you from getting help by any means. The entities are energy beings or energetic parasites. The longer it has been with you, the more damage has been done. But it is not the same from one case to another because people are different and entities are different. Nevertheless, they are all there for one purpose, wanting your energy and will dominate you sooner or later. You begin to lose yourself, little by little, until they are fully in charge of your mind, your choice of food and behavior. The symptoms are commonly seen as: severe fatigue, Qi deviation, food intolerances, allergies, poor digestion, severe pain and pressure in head and spine, dizziness, extreme agitation, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, worry, panic, spacey feeling, unsociability, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, inability to focus, cognitive problems, heart palpitations, tightness or knots in the solar plexus, tight body, heaviness, difficulty breathing, tumors, Yin and Yang out of balance, TMJ pain, loss of thermostatic stability, inability to relax, nervous system disorders, etc. The symptoms are not limited to the above and not necessarily one person has them all. Without removing the entity or entities, it is unlikely for people to recover from their illness or change their current living condition. But, the entity issue is not untreatable or something to be ashamed of. It can be helped. Testimonies and additional information can be found at www.EasternInternalArts.com. If you are concerned about your health issues, you can contact Sifu Jenny Lamb to schedule an online consultation for an evaluation and learn more about your treatment options. Sifu Jenny Lamb http://www.easterninternalarts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/EasternInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛