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  1. question prease

    thanks everyone. i am doing chi kung, and kung fu. should i hold my toungue in the fire position during forms?? and also should i clench my teeth slightly?? thats all.
  2. question prease

    hi. when you put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, to complete the 2 main channels. where you put it. right behind the teeth, or in the cavity about and inch behind the teeth.
  3. regarding my practices

  4. regarding my practices

    i am having some clairvoyance...regarding meridians and tendants and the cinnabar field also. like knowing that these energy pathways or just like nerve paths and how the signals from my brain go down into my tendants and into my hands an feat. how this is part of the internal training i thhink. how when we do hard qi opens up and strengthens the tendents...IS THIs SO CHI CAN GET THROUGH EASIER AND UNBLOCKED?? QI IS DIRECTED WITH THE MIND??? sorry for um... other stuff. including a built up mental attitude where i can mentally dominate someone jedi style. i never use it. its liek a charisma charm qi type of thing. this increases with semen retention. anyone know how to hone these skills^^^^ there is more. i will write in time. i have a main goal of becoming a strong energy healer.
  5. regarding my practices

    been practicing formally for 2 years 5 months. doing various meditations and things for 9 years. intermediate level now or atleast somewhat learned for the last 4 years. after having a very big awakening after researching heavily into esoteric symbolism. symbols effected my chakras from meditating on them...caus ei was trying to figure them out. my sifu has mentioned holding in semen... i think he knew i was. back when i went a year. talkin abotu how thats how u develop qi, etc...i think i hav eto wait till i am a desiple till he teahces internal stuff more detailed. he has me running through it all now, with little explaiation on the internal aspects. PLEASE GUYS MORE INFO!!! I WONT GET LOST!
  6. regarding my practices

    hi...i am almost raw food. i eat cooked stire fries and things like that at times. i am sticking with n7s prayin mantis gong fu for the last 2 years and 5 months. along with the intuitive stuff,,...which im still trying to figure out. whetehr its from past lives, etc...i do sungazing.
  7. Black magic

    i have some knowledge in this area. ignore them. they want your attention. completely forget about it.
  8. regarding my practices

    hi. i have lots of things going on...first off ... i naturally started to feel a drain, and started stopping ejaculating...all while reading into esoteric stuff... then i found out that this is an actual practice. that i did mostly well as some other qi gong stuff, and also becoming a vegetarian by feel alone. i have read alot of VARIOUS info... im wondering..since i can already go extended periods without ejaculating..i am a vegetarian..i do intuitive qi gong...i practice gong fu in a school... what else can i do , ie the micro cosmic orbit 9any info on that?). can anyone give me a list to follow, of practices i should do to go along with conserving my jing or whatever else i may be accomplishing. i have noticed some effects that i will list later. i was hoping people could answer here, in one place so it is easier to establish this stuff as routines. without all kinds of ideas from different sources. i need focused practices.
  9. tai chi and gong fu

    ok. thanks to both of you.
  10. Haiku Chain

    fallen fennel seeds as leeves drift in my air now like an autumn day
  11. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    i ve watched all 3 videos. if this keeps impressed big time.
  12. tai chi and gong fu

    im disappointed about being ignored on here. can some of you simply tell me in yer opinion ON QI i fine with staying with gong fu, or should i do tai chi at the same time?? it seems contradictory to me... and any other ideas would be nice to.
  13. tai chi and gong fu

    is training in just gong fu (i just turned 23) enough for me to be developing qi properly?? im keeping these simple in order for ease of reply. my level in all thsi is intermediate so feel free to lay in depth stuff on me... thats what i like anyways.
  14. tai chi and gong fu

    i currently do n7s praying mantis gong fu. i am wondering if i should do tai chi at the same time as i train in n7s mantis??
  15. Robert Bruce - Call To Action! on ad forums. will be joining this. im surprised to hear about it here, rather then on astral dynamics.