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    thanks for the information, i need something local i will look into chicagodao, i tried to make arrangements to learn under sifu bing but cannot get away right now to learn there
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    are you the webmaster for the site? or just found the link? thanks
  3. Anybody belong or know of taoist/wudang gong fu schools in the chicagoland area? i am looking to join.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Tony, i finally joined the site after a few visits, great posts and knowledgeable individuals here great to be aboard, i am trying to get into wudang martial arts, i am moving back to chicago soon and wondering if anyone knows where some schools are there for authentic wudang, no commercial type stuff i dont like the way people pose to make money off people and use things like sashs or belts gong fu is a life long journey and learning lasts forever I look forward to plenty of chit chat haha.