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  1. ReishI Mushroom, Ling Zhi

    My taoist grandmaster says that reishi is the best tcm herb.. it supposedly balances all systems and enhances spiritual receptivity. however, most reishi supplements are not bioavailable. The reishi spore powder is the most potent. The only company where one can get the shell cracked reishi spore is organo gold. I have never felt so good. try a bottle and you'll feel the best you ever have..
  2. I have one thing to say. this is why i joined this site. I am from a hermetic discipline, even to say this is not accurate.. but the closet to the truth. Taoism has always been the closet path to perfection(readily available) because it puts the power in the individuals hands. Most sacred texts are false(as it concerns us) because either they are doctored or apply to a different age. This is where people really go wrong.. they get caught up in rules of different ages. Be it egyptian, sumerian... one of the true translations of the ten commandments states "acquire as much knowledge of the universe as you need to follow creational law" I can say Falun dafa is a very beneficial practise. also, franz bardon.
  3. Hello

    you can call me bob. I am affiliated with a hermetic tradition.. it composes some east and west ideologies.