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  1. Sheesh - someone posting for help with a problem is not enough of a request for help? Talk about self-righteous - I didn't know you ran for Sheriff of the forum... And you obviously don't know Clarity - which makes your response particularly non Tao...
  2. Announcements?

    Thanks BKA, Thanks zerostao!!!
  3. Announcements?

    Hello There used to be a forum for Announcements for seminars and such, or at least I can't find it now. Is it still ok to post announcements? If so where? Thanks in advance -David
  4. Berkeley CA Area Members

    Heya deci belle! Thanks much for the suggestion !
  5. Hello Folks I am trying to find a reasonable rental space for a 50 person seminar. Surprisingly I am not having much success on my own. If anyone has any suggestions, post here or PM me, I would be grateful. Thank you in advance -David
  6. Yuen Method?

    To all the naysayers: I find it difficult to comprehend the intensity of reaction in the face of multiple positive testimonials from members who have benefitted from Adam's work. Adam is very modest. You are attacking someone who has diligently studied and practiced breath and internal energy work under talented teachers for decades. I should know, I was there right along side him. The Yuen Method is one of the latest tools in Adam's repertoir, it synergistically combines with his prior experience. Very few Yuen Method Practitioners have long experience in the inner worlds. He also practices the method constantly, and has developed tremendous chops. I know this, as I have benefited from his work as well. As far as permissions - discussing problems in writing in a public forum is exposure and permission, permissions do not arise from the verbal mind. In fact very little useful arises from the verbal mind itself. It is supposed to be a channel to communicate one's inner experience to humans in the outer world, not to argue and insist that others believe as "I" do. That is enslavement. Lot's of enslavement karma in our culture. As far as problem recurrence after corrections, corrections are not enslavement tools. If a person's Xi directs them to recreate the problem as a karmic corrective, the problem will come back. Many of us have issues that we refuse to release. This is the Tao Bums right? Not the Judgemental Opinionated Bums? Want to attack me as well for exposing my life experience? Be my guest. This message is for those who want information not misinformation and conjecture. M/T
  7. A belated hello...

    I've been silently enjoying the scenery, it's time for an introduction. My name is David. I'm a middle aged guy, growing up I enjoyed reading Daoist and Buddhist material. A few years ago, after a long illness, I was very weak and improving very slowly. I was shown the 8 Jewels and a breath exercise - this made a big difference, and with time my energy recovered and improved. I am happy to find this online community - shared experience is always here, just a web hop away. Thanks to all for your experience!