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  1. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    this is a very good answer, i think it was overlooked. i do have a remark to make, anyone who has seen south park or SNL or even the gay couple in modern family can attest to the fact that they take shots at gay people's ability to raise a child. they tend to include a quip about a lack of polarity between parents adversely affecting the children. i mean, i just love my mother man! that said, two men can't make babies. that said, ide rather have an orphan adopted by gay parents than to be raised underpriviliged.
  2. its whatever you make it, im currently doing dhikr, i never used to, and i never felt anything like i feel now when i do dhikr. i try and say phrases throughout my day and i feel its effects more if i am in a meditative state. the explanation i heard that i liked is that a higher source is the power and that power works through you to do waht you need. its an explanation ive heard of for reiki and for sacred symbols, i find just keeping that in mind improves your reiki flow. arabic is naturally filled with sacred sounds just like sanskrit, latin, or hebrew. the sounds resonate at a frequency that changes consciousness. try watching youtube videos of cymatics. it really doesnt matter what you say, intent is everything.
  3. Personal Practice forum thing

    thank you very much!
  4. Personal Practice forum thing

    hi, i dont wanna open a new thread, thought ide ask for one too hopefully itll give me a place to share my thoughts
  5. hello, a little intro on me

    i read something somewhere and it just struck a cord within me. i have decided to start at the heart, which hopefully will move up and down simultaniously through the three known chakras on either side of it, as well as through my whole system of yet to be discovered stuff we dont know about. hopefully from there the light can spread and i can be illuminated thanks for the reply Rodani thanks for the welcome Goonis
  6. hello, a little intro on me

    hello, well, im seeking spiritual cultivation to get as far as i can on the spiritual path. i am a muslim, im here to find a starter guide on how to begin my path. i go to university and i am noticing certain people around me giving me advice, tips, practices and even full on chi blasts/power ups to help me on my way, but ive never found anything definite and a true step by step to follow. my main confusion is, do i start with the heart, the navel, the root? and i feel the solar plexus as being something hat is not the navel chakra, i felt it on my own, and also think it is the "al-tariq" mentioned in the quran. i am also currently plagued by entities. its my fault and it sucks. hence why people i don't really know are helping me out im open to any and all meditation techniques and practices, im here to get my stuff together!!