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  1. Hi I looking for my better half. My key is heart. Or a friend to travel and we stay at my house. Or a technique or something makeing me impotent or not horny every morning when waking up. Thank you up front my Volunteers! A good wish to all of you! Amadeus
  2. Knock Knock

    Hey Bums What' s the deal ? Me no age free of job and all alone. Just PC and I don' t know how many thoughts went through and will went through my crazy mind. I am looking for a girlfriend here, as I suppose it being possible. What else.. Djuan Dsi is my favourite author, I wonder if he is reborn yet to become my best friend besides my to other best friends. All of you: text me!! I am true until boredom becomes boring and adventure rises beneath horizon. See you soon, Freddy
  3. It' s not far to go.