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  1. practice out side at night ?

    Hello , I understand from read Da Mo's Muscle tendon changing and marrow / brain washing classics published by Dr. Yang , Jwing- ming that some forms of bending the bows can be practice 24 hours a day and I'd like to gather more insight on practicing at night , Thank you
  2. All About Rooting

    I'm exploring different practices as a beginner .But for the winter maybe just the eight pieces of brocade , zhang zhuang and seated meditations .
  3. All About Rooting

  4. pure water. a great qi-boost.

    I have read in Hula Clarks book ''the prevention of all cancers'' that every cancer patient she treated tested positive for laundry bleach contaminants ''pcb's wheal bearing grease- blue-lake die ect.'' and their municipal drinking water often was the source .She recommended as part of her cure regiment her patients collect rain water and only strain it through cheese cloth to preserve its healing iridium content .I collected this water for a while and it was the purest water I'd ever had .
  5. All About Rooting

    Thank you, I enjoyed this post and your blog that was quite an adventure , did you or your son take the herbal concoction you described. I do look forward to practicing taijiquan with a sparring partner for that reason but for now am just working on solo meditations.
  6. All About Rooting

    Hello ,I'd like to open up the topic of ''Rooting'' and am very eager to learn what others would like to share on this subject , Thank you

    I understand there are some precautions people should take when practicing in the winter time such as breathing slower on the outtake than on the intake and practicing in a well lit area .I'm hoping to open this subject up to discussion , to read some personal anecdotes and ask some questions ,Thank you
  8. Hello I'm Glad to be here

    Hello , Thank you for the kind greeting ,Take care
  9. Hello I'm Glad to be here

    Cool , I like Stigs thread . Thanks for the welcome .
  10. Hello I'm Glad to be here

    Hello , I found this awesome site about six months ago while researching materials authored by Terry Dun and must say this site to me is a great achievement to the like of Wikipedia . I've already found a lot of valuable knowledge and am looking forward to learning more and contributing something on the way . Good Blessing's to you all